Alaska Airlines Check-In

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Tickets confirmed on Alaska Airlines can check in through the following ways:

  • Through Web check-in
  • Mobile App
  • The services at the airport: Kiosk and counter check-in

How can I check-in at Alaska Airlines online

Carrying a confirmed ticket you can proceed to do the check-in using the online method.

  • Domestic flights: 24 hours – 40 minutes
  • International flights: 24 hours – 1 hour

Within the above-mentioned deadlines, you are requested to complete your check-in.

The procedure for web check-in for the flight at Alaska Airlines are as follows:

i) First and foremost, tap on in the search bar and enter the homepage.

ii) After entering the site, click the Check-in option.

iii) Now, type the details:

  • The city of departure
  • Confirmation number
  • Electronic ticket code
  • Mileage Plan Number

iv) Next, tap the Check-in tab.

If you use the online method for check-in, the following things will be made available to you:

  • Upgrade the seat the first class
  • Select the seat
  • Checking the baggage weight limit pay for it
  • Take the printout of the tags. You can also choose the option “self tag”.
  • Take the print of the e-boarding pass
  • Change the flight within 24 hours

What is the time to check in at Mobile App for Alaska flights

Domestic flights: 24 hours – 40 or 45 minutes prior to departing of the flight.

International flights: 24 hours – 1 hour or 90 minutes prior to the scheduled time of departure.

If you do not find ease in the online method then opt to do it on the app itself. Make sure that you abide by the rules of the Airlines as mentioned in their policy.

  • Install the app on the smartphone
  • Login with the credentials
  • Next, enter the city from where your flight will take off.
  • Also, the confirmation code, electronic ticket number, and the MileagePlus Code

The steps are similar to the online method.

A few of the benefits of using the app mode for check-in:

  • Pay for the extra baggage
  • Change the flight in 24 hours
  • Modify the seat
  • Upgrade the seat to first class

You will also benefit to have a car seat free of cost and this includes the baggage checked. If you wish you can check in with baggage or take it to the boarding gate.

As you check-in, you can download the boarding pass. If the boarding pass is not accepted at the departure airport then head to the Kiosk or at the counter.

The boarding pass is accessible in online or offline mode just by clicking on the Boarding Pass tab. Now you can move to the boarding gate with the pass.

How can I Self check in for a flight at Alaska Airlines

Domestic flights: 4 hours – 1 hour prior to departing.

International flights: 4 hours – 45 or 90 minutes till the departure of the flight.

If you want to use a Kiosk for self-check-in then make sure you have the subsequent things handy:

  • Passport
  • The confirmation number
  • Electronic Ticket code
  • MileagePlan Number

Now you can do the below things after check-in:

  • Take the printout of the pass
  • Modify the seat
  • You can alter the mileage number
  • Check whether the airports have the option to print the baggage tags
  • Received the boarding pass, now head to the check-in counter for baggage check-in.

How can I use Counter Check-in for Alaska flights

Domestic flights: 4 hours- 1 hour or 45 minutes as mentioned in the rules and policy.

International flights: 4 hours – 45 minutes or 90 minutes prior to the flight departure.

At the Desk of Alaska Airport, you are eligible for the subsequent things:

  • Download and print the boarding pass
  • Receive the pass through email
  • In case you lose your pass then take a printout at the counter desk.
  • Check-in baggage
  • Select a seat
  • Arrive early at the counter so that you complete the security check-in and baggage on time.

It’s important to enter the boarding gate 30 minutes prior to the departure of the flight.

Enter the airport 2 to 3 hours early from the time set for the check-in process.

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