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Once Your ticket is confirmed you need to go through the next step which is the process of checking in to complete the booking. You will be given a deadline and within that period you are required to complete the check-in.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the check-in options available on Sun Country, MSP sun country check-in does sun country has a curbside check-in, sun country check-in, etc.

How do I check in to Sun Country?

The option available for Sun Country flight check-in are as follows:

  • Online check-in
  • Offline check-in

Does Sun Country have an Online check-in

Yes, there is an online mode for check-in at Sun Country. You can go for either web check-in or mobile app check-in. If you are using the online mode you need to check in 24 hours to 1 hour prior to the time for flight departure.

You need to go to the website or install the app for online check-in. This process is much more secure and absorbs less time compared to offline methods. There are no fees required to pay for check-in online.

The benefits you received for completing the check-in process online:

  • Select seats as per your requirements if available
  • Also, you can request extra legroom, meals, baggage, and amenities.
  • If you have premium tickets you can consume additional moments in premium lounges.
  • You will get the boarding pass without waiting in long queues.

How to complete the web check-in

  • Click on the official link and enter the home page.
  • Next hit on the Login option and complete the verification procedure. If you wish you can skip the login step.
  • Move to the homepage and tap the Check-in option.
  • Now, enter the booking details.
  • Choose the required trip.
  • Next hit the continue button.
  • Pick your name from the list.
  • Select the name and then click on the continue button or Check-in option.
  • While selecting the seat you can also add the baggage.
  • Now pay the extra fee and the process is completed.
  • Use the credit card to make the payments easily. After completing it the flight check-in process is completed.
  • You will receive the boarding pass through your email address.

Similar steps you need to follow for mobile app check-in. Only you will be required to download the mobile app and follow the above-discussed steps. Next, the electronic boarding pass will be sent to the registered IDs. Show the pass at the gate of boarding.

How to check-in offline with Sun Country Airlines

Offline mode to be used for flight check-in there are two options i.e. at the counter desk of the airport and at Kiosk through self-service.

Passengers with this method need to go to the airport 2 – 3 hours before the flight is scheduled for departure and 45 minutes to check-in prior to the time of departing.

You will be asked to pay a certain amount of fee for the offline method. If you are traveling on international flights check for the airport desk that is available for Sun Country international flight check.

The ticket you purchase will rely on the method for flight check-in.

Sun Country check-in at Airport

If you want to check-in at the airport with your ticket you can surely visit the airport. During the check-in process, you might be asked to pay charges in order to complete the process. You will get services like adding your meals, extra luggage, seats, etc. The boarding pass will be given to you offline. Take the printout and head to the boarding gate to board your flight.

If you have been using the priority check-in counter of Sun Country then you can easily complete the check-in mode faster. It will save your efforts as well as time along with the premium services.

The following steps to obtain a boarding pass via the airport counter desk:

i) Arrive at the counter

ii) You need to wait till the turn comes.

iii) Share details like the last name, booking ID, confirmation number, and other important details.

iv) Enter the Passport ID to complete the verification process.

v) The staff will guide you and check the information you provided and will complete the check-in procedure.

vi) You will receive the boarding pass which you can use for finding your seat on the flight.

Check-in for Sun Country flight at Kiosk

Passengers sometimes opt to select to do the check-in step at the Kiosk which implies they decided to do it through self-service. A nominal fee will be required to pay for check-in.

The steps that you need to follow for kiosk check-in are mentioned below:

  • Arrive at the counter and you are required to wait for your turn.
  • Provide necessary information such as last name, booking ID, Confirmation number, Passport ID, and Departing Airport.
  • It might take a few minutes to review the details you furnished to the agent.
  • You need to complete the procedure by paying through the available payment mode.
  • Once done you will get the boarding pass at hand.

Boarding Times of Sun Country

  • International flights on Sun Country need to start for check 45 minutes prior to the flight departure.
  • Other flights will start 1 hour prior to the flight scheduled for departure.
  • Normally, check-in online begins 24 hours and closes 1 hour prior to departure.

The offline procedure seems to be longer compared to the online mode. Follow the steps mentioned above in order to obtain the boarding pass.

If you have the boarding pass you can go for baggage check-in using Skycap at the curbside if available at Sun Country or at the counter desk.

Is Sun Country priority check-in worth it

It is usually worth it because it allows you to save effort and at the same time saves your quality time. If your tickets enable you to complete the process using priority check-in then surely the procedure for check-in will move at a faster speed.

No waiting in queues feeling frustrated. At the priority zones, you can add seats, meals, baggage, etc.

Passengers with First Class seats, military, ELITE Members of Ufly, families with minors, and disabled persons are offered the Priority check-in services.

MSP Sun Country Check In

The Minneapolis option is available throughout the year, you can check in 2 – 3 hours prior to flight departure.

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