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Waiting for check-in to the Go Indigo then what is the delay for.

Read the article and once you complete you can easily proceed to the check-in process by yourself.

How can I check-in for the flight on IndiGo Airlines

When you have booked the ticket, the next thing you are required to do is get the check-in process done. The deadline will be provided, just go according to that and complete it.

You can reach for check-in processes by following ways:

  • Via online
  • Mobile app
  • Auto Check in
  • Kiosk check in
  • Counter check in at airport

As the whole country going through a pandemic few mandatory rules that you need to obey:

  • Must check in online
  • Show the status of your health
  • The boarding card will be handed over after passing the health status

How to do web check-in IndiGo Airlines

The time to web check-in an IndiGo Airlines flight.

Domestic Time: For the flights within India need to web check-in on the site starting 48 hours – 60 minutes prior to the flight departure.

International flight: If moving to the countryside or holding connecting flights, then check-in at the counter by visiting the airport.


The deadline mentioned for the passenger to reach the airport:

  • Domestic flights – 2 hours prior to departure
  • International flights – 4 hours prior to the time the flight departure

Enter the boarding counter:

  • Domestic flights – 25 minutes prior to departure.
  • International flights – 45 minutes prior to the departure.

If the process of check-in from the domestic country then head to the safety and state-wise health requirements. The status of your health needs to be furnished to get the boarding card.

The steps incurred for the web check-in procedure:

i) Click www.indigoairlines.com using a browser.

ii) You will be landed on the homepage. Now, tap on the Check-in option.

iii) Next enter the flight booking details:

  • PNR or booking ID
  • Last Name or Email

iv) Now tap on a Check-in option.

v) Choose the flight.

vi) Next click Confirm to ensure check-in. Once you do get the boarding pass over an email.


  • Carry your boarding card
  • Show the health status

As you reach the airport:

  • Enter security gate if holding handbag
  • If the baggage is checked go to the Drop counter to drop off the luggage.
  • Put the tags on the bags.
  • Make sure to be aware of the rules of the destination city.

Passengers who cannot access Check-in online:

Visit the airport for web check-in:

  • If moving internationally
  • If using a connecting flight
  • The ticket is still not confirmed
  • Special care while travelling
  • No guardian with the minor

IndiGo Mobile App Check-in

If you have a smartphone, the procedure becomes simple and easy to assess. The domestic flight checking-in time starts from 48 hours – 60 minutes prior to the departure for domestic flights within India. If moving to International destinations then check-in at the airport.


For checking in at the airport you need to enter 2 hours prior to departing domestic flights. International flights enter 4 hours prior to the departure.

The gate to board closes:

  • Domestic flights: 25 minutes prior to departure.
  • International flights: 45 minutes prior to departure.

The steps you need to follow for app check-in:

i) Download and install the app using Android or iOS devices.

ii) Next, enter into the account by clicking the Login Tab.

iii) Now, fill in the booking ID and last name or email.

iv) Select the name of the passenger for check-in.

v) Choose the seat.

vi) Acknowledge the health status on the web.

vii) Go through the instructions as shown on the screen.

viii) Download the boarding pass to show at the security check.

Some of the services offered after app check-in:

  1. Check the bookings.
  2. Search for the flights.
  3. Modify and cancel the flight.
  4. Know the status of the flight
  5. You can use the mobile app to: 
  6. Obtain boarding pass
  7. Book seat.
  8. Advanced booking on extra baggage.
  9. Select meals and get notifications.

IndiGo Auto Check-in

Traveling within the country from 48 hours – 2 hours prior to departure. Next, get a boarding pass 23 hours prior to departure.

Kiosk Self Service time to Check-in Domestic flights: 2 hours prior to the departure.

International flights: 4 hours prior to the departure.

The procedure to check-in through Kiosk:

  • Enter details of PNR, booking number, last name or an email.
  • Next, pick the seat from the list.
  • Click on the terms and conditions.
  • Get the printout.

How to check-in at the counter desk for IndiGo flights

Arrive at airport 2 hours prior to departure and 4 hours prior to the departure


  • Carry the passengers’ ticket details to the airport, and the travelling documents.
  • Fee Rs 200 will be charged if you complete the check in process.

After completing the process you need to check the name, flight number, destination whether they are correct or not.

As per the rules mentioned, follow the instructions and also be aware of the baggage policy, baggage allowance, weight,  and dimensions so that you do not face issues while landing at the destination.

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