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You will find different options to check-in for the flight at Air Canada.

So here are the options for you to initiate the check-in. Go thoroughly to complete the process with ease.

  • Check-in through the website
  • Mobile App Check-in
  • Kiosk Check-in
  • At the Airport, desk Check-in

How to Air Canada flight check-in online

The check-in time Online starts 24 hours prior to the departure.

Traveling within Canada:

  • You need to appear early within 1.5 hours before the scheduled flight departure.
  • Collect the boarding pass and complete the baggage check-in 45 minutes from the time of departure.

If traveling to or from the US:

  • At least reach the airport 2 hours from the time scheduled for the departure.
  • Collect the boarding pass 60 minutes from the departure.

Air Canada check-in times International flights:

  • Appear 3 hours before the flight departure
  • Collect the boarding pass 60 minutes prior to the flight departure.

Here are the following steps to check-in through the online mode at Air Canada

i) Click on the Air Canada website

ii) Next you need to tap on the Check-in option.

iii) In order to access the flight, you will be asked to enter the booking number, airplane number, ticket number or AC Employee number, and also the Last Name.

iv) After that click the Check-in tab.

This online check-in method comes with various services like:

  • You can print out the boarding pass.
  • Acquire the pass through email or text.
  • If possible take the printout at the kiosk or at the counter were checked in.
  • You can also attach the bags with the tags and head to the baggage drop-off desk.

Not all passengers are eligible for web check-in. Let’s have a look at who are those:

  • If you are a minor without a guardian
  • If you need special care
  • Without the help of a wheelchair, you cannot travel
  • If you have a specific request made on booking
  • Traveling with pets
  • No e-ticket
  • If you are on codeshare and flights with interline partners

How can I proceed with Online Group Check-in

Suppose you are a group of 8 to 9 people, Air Canada permits the passengers for group check-in.

The information required in order to group check-in is as follows:

  • Full name of the passenger
  • Checked baggage number of each passenger
  • APIS data of the passengers moving to Canada or to or from the US:
    • Birthdate
    • Gender
    • Permanent Residence Card
    • Nationality
    • Documents for travel
    • Passport Number, etc.

How can I proceed at Air Canada for web check-in mobile

If you have a smartphone, you can check in at the device by yourself 24 hours prior to the departure of the flight.

The time scheduled for check-in are mentioned below:

Traveling within Canada:

  • You need to reach at least 90 minutes before the scheduled time
  • Collect the boarding pass 45 minutes before the flight departure

Traveling to or from the US:

  • Attend the airport 2 hours prior to the departure
  • Collect the past 60 minutes before the departure

International flights:

  • You need to arrive at the counter 3 hours prior to the flight departure
  • Collect the pass within 60 minutes from the time of departure

The steps involved to complete the check-in process in the mobile itself:

i) Click on using the web browser

ii) Next, tap the Check-in option.

iii) Then fill up the information required such as name, booking ID, airplane number, departure city.

iv) Pick the name of the passenger

v) Now, select the seat and type the number of bags checked.

vi) Enter the valid mobile number or email id.

vii) The process of check-in is now completed.

If you want to check-in through a mobile app, go through the policy to check whether you are eligible for it.

Passengers who cannot check in via Mobile App are as follows:

  • If the airport does not have the mobile app facility
  • If the flight is operated by another airline
  • More than 10 passengers in a group

Check whether you can acquire the e-boarding pass or not:

  •  You are not traveling with babies.
  • Less number of passengers on the booking
  • The flight is governed by Air Canada Rouge, Air Canada, or Air Canada Express.
  • Has a smartphone with good internet

If you have completed the check-in process you will be delivered the e-boarding pass:

  • Through a message on the mobile
  • Via email where all details regarding the flight along with the e-boarding pass link

Take the screenshot of the pass or save it. At the boarding gate, you will be asked to show the e-boarding pass.

How to check-in through a Kiosk for the flight on Air Canada

If you have a confirmed ticket you can proceed to the airport for check-in using Kiosk. You can check in starting from 12 hours to the scheduled time of the departure.

Traveling within Canada:

  • Arrive 90 minutes prior to the time of departure.
  • Collect the boarding pass and deposit the bags 45 minutes prior to the departure.

Flying to or from the US:

  • You are requested to arrive 2 hours prior to the scheduled time of the flight departure.
  • Collect the pass 1 hour before the scheduled flight time.

International flights:

  • Attend 3 hours before the flight departure
  • Collect the past 1.5 hours prior to the departing of the flight.

The following things are enabled when you want to check-in at the Kiosk:

  • First, the check-in facility is enabled
  • You can print the boarding pass
  • Choose, modify and also upgrade the seat
  • You can change the same day of booking or take a flight earlier
  • Pay the fees for baggage
  • You will be asked to enter the frequent flyer number
  • Enter the passport details
  • Enter the baggage check-in details
  • Print the tags for baggage
  • You can exclude or include extra baggage
  • Print or email the payment receipts
  • Get the e-boarding pass through the mobile
  • You can also purchase the last minute upgrades

How can you Identify Yourself at the Kiosk

  • Just scan the passport, receipt of the itinerary, or the check-in pass online
  • You can also insert the debit or credit card, Aeroplane, or the Star Alliance card
  • Type the Booking ID or the frequent flyer number


You need to enter the boarding gate 30 minutes prior to the flight departure. If your airport does not have an online or mobile app option then you can do the check-in at the airport counter without delay. Remember to mark your entry early at the airport.

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