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If you want to know what are the options available for check-in at Allegiant Airlines then you step to the right page.

We will be talking about the Allegiant Airline check-in policy, allegiant airline check-in in Punta Gorda Florida, allegiant airline reservations check-in, etc.

What are the options for Allegiant Airlines flight check-in

As per the Allegiant Airlines policy, there are probably three options available for the passengers for checking in.

  • Via online
  • Using the Mobile app
  • At the airport counter

How do I check-in online at the allegiant airlines

The online method option is one such that helps the passenger to check-in without visiting the airport. The time schedule is from 24 hours to 45 minutes prior to the departure of the flight. You cannot exceed the timeframe mentioned according to the policy. You will get the notification through email.

The following steps that you need to follow are mentioned below:

i) First and foremost, type in the search bar.

ii) As you click on it you will enter the website of the flight.

iii) Next step, tap on the Check-in option.

iv) Select how you wish to proceed to check-in:

  • Through confirmation i.e default option
  • Email or debit or credit card you need to pick anyone

iv) Next, enter the details as per the option you selected

v) Now tap the Continue tab

vi) Choose the flight and proceed to complete the process by following the instructions as displayed on the screen.

When you select the online option, you will enjoy services like:

  • By paying a fee you can pick the seat
  • You can purchase the baggage

What are the reasons that make you ineligible for online check-in

  • Travelling with pets
  • Minor without Guardian
  • Traveling with infants
  • If the online process of check-in is not completed

Do not worry, you can still check in at the counter desk of the airport.

How to check-in using Mobile App at Allegiant Airlines

The time scheduled for check-in via the app is from 24 hours – to 45 minutes prior to the departure of the flight.

If you have the confirmed reservations you can easily sneak to the check-in page at the app. The steps involved in check-in are as follows:

i) Enter the login credentials to head to the Allegiant account.

ii) Type the flight details.

iii) Now, follow the instructions as displayed on the screen.

With this, you can easily check in on the mobile app.

The services available for passengers using the application of Allegiant Airlines:

  • Check-in
  • Acquire the e-boarding pass
  • Inquiry and access the upcoming trips
  • Select the seats and also modify it
  • Add, check baggage
  • Promote the priority boarding
  • Get the flight notifications from time to time
  • Managing self-aid functions


Passengers can bring one personal item with the external dimensions of 17.8 cm x 38.1 cm x 40.6 cm but if they want to carry-on a bag then charges may apply to that.

How to check in with Allegiant Airlines at the Punta Gorda Florida Airport Counter

You need to arrive 2 hours earlier at the airport prior to the flight departure. Next, the check-in process should be completed and you need to appear at the boarding gate 1 hour prior to the flight departure.

You will be asked to furnish the traveling documents and a government id proof at the counter desk:

  • Baggage check-in
  • Selection of seat as per your requirements if available
  • Get the boarding pass. Printing the pass at the airport costs USD 5 so make sure to take the printout beforehand
  • You need to show proof of identity for age verification
  • Sometimes the waiting time might be increased so you need to be an early bird to arrive at the counter for check-in
  • If the boarding pass needs to be printed at the airport the USD 5 will be waived
  • The closing time of check in is 45 minutes prior to departure.
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