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Ever tried booking your tickets on Jetblue, if the tickets are confirmed then you need to proceed to the check-in option.

Here we will talk on what is the JetBlue flight check-in time, JetBlue check-in baggage, JetBlue check-in baggage fee, etc.

What are the options for JetBlue airlines check-in

There are mainly six options applicable for JetBlue flight check-in:

  • Through the web check-in
  • Via mobile app
  • Remote check-in
  • At the curbside check-in
  • Kiosk check-in
  • At the Airport counter desk check-in

How to check-in online for the flight at JetBlue

The check-in time on the web starts:

Domestic flights: 20 hours – 40 minutes traveling within the United States.

International flights: 24 hours – 60 minutes including bags.

To or from Cuba: 4 hours including bags prior to departure.

  • Make sure to drip the bags prior to the closing of the check-in time.
  • It’s important to advance check-in because the time for check-in is different in different regions.

Checking through online mode is one of the simplest processes, follow the steps mentioned below:

i) Firstly, tap on to enter the homepage of JetBlue airlines.

ii) Next, select the Check-in option and click on it.

iii) After that, retrieve the itinerary just fill in:

  • First Name
  • Last Name

iv) Now, choose anyone:

  • The confirmation code
  • The flight number and the airport from where departing
  • The TrueBlue number

v) Now search for the flights by tapping the Find Flights option.

vi) Next, tap the Confirm tab and select the option how you want to receive the boarding pass:

  • Through email
  • Printout
  • On the phone

Once you complete the online check-in process:

  • Modify and select the seat
  • Seat upgradation
  • You can buy 9 bags for a single passenger
  • Printing of bag tags can be processed at home.

In case you have already completed the check-in process then move further and add 2 more extra bags prior to 24 hours and also save USD 5 for a bag.

You are not suitable for check-in online:

  • Ticket not confirmed
  • Special care required
  • Minor without any Guardian
  • Traveling with animals or pets
  • You might ask to purchase an extra baggage

Check-in JetBlue Airways via Mobile App

If you have a mobile phone you can use the app to check-in for the flight.

The time for check-in at JetBlue:

Domestic flights: 24 hours – 40 minutes

International flights: 24 hours – 60 minutes

Traveling to or from Cuba: Make sure to check-in prior to 4 hours from the departure time.

The check-in through mobile is accessible in the U.S. and some international airports have the app access.

After check-in, you can download a single boarding pass for a phone. If you cannot access it then visit the airport or Kiosk to print it.

As you complete the check-in then you get the boarding pass on your mobile as the Barcode. You need to save it in order to show the pass at the boarding gate.

If you have completed the check-in through the app:

  • View the recent and upcoming itineraries
  • Book the flight
  • Modify the seat
  • Obtain the boarding pass
  • Web check-in
  • Get notifications of the flight
  • Cancel or change the flight
  • Add Baggage by paying a fee
  • Manage the TrueBlue account
  • Contact the crew member
  • Book for an airport pick up
  • Get services for snacks, drinks, and entertainment

How can I remotely check in for the flight at JetBlue

If you want to remotely check-in just pay a small amount of fee 2 hours prior to the departure at the places such as hotels, rental car areas, convention centers, the parking areas of the airport, and cruise ships onboard.

Port regions assisted incorporate:

  • Port Canaveral (MCO)
  • Port of Miami and Port Everglades (FLL)
  • Port of San Diego (SAN)


  • Drop the bags before the process of check-in closes.
  • The arrival time varies with the airports of the different regions, so make sure to check in early.

What is the time to check-in at the Airport Curbside

The check-in through Curbside is accessible at New York JFK International Airport, starting from 6 hours – to 40 minutes prior to departure. You can avoid the counter desk by utilizing this method.

Following things you will require:

  • The Photo Identity
  • Flight reservation code
  • E-ticket number
  • Flight destination number


  • You can check-in at the curbside at JFK  during operation hours.
  • No fee while checking in but might need to pay USD 3 for every checked baggage.
  •  Credit or debit cards are approved.
  • Check on the website if the airport offers curbside check-in

How to check in at Kiosk

As per the rules, the time for Kiosk check-in is 6 hours prior to the closing of the scheduled time of check-in including the checked bag. If the bags are not checked in then you need to check-in 24 hours prior to the departure.

You will get the bag tags at the Kiosk after completing the process.

In order to Kiosk check in at JetBlue few things you need to do:

i) Verify the identity by entering the below any of the following:

  • The confirmation code
  • The passport number
  • Barcode to scan
  • Credit card details
  • TrueBlue number

ii) Confirm the details entered.

iii) You can modify your seats.

iv) Mention the number of baggage checked.

v) Check-in

vi) Take a printout of bag tags along with the boarding pass.

If you want a Kiosk check-in then do the following:

  • Select or change the seat
  • Add extra baggage
  • Include a pet
  • Upgrade the seat
  • You can put the tags on the bags
  • Include the TrueBlue Numbers

As you complete the process of Kiosk:

  • Get the printout of the boarding pass
  • The tags for the bags
  • While checking in at the counter, the staff member will ask for your identity and scan and after that weigh the baggage.

Passengers who cannot check-in at the Kiosk

  • Without confirming tickets
  • Require special care
  • Traveling with pet
  • No guardian with the minor
  • Your group has more than 10 passengers
  • The flight is an International one

Check-in at the Airport Desk of JetBlue Airlines

As mentioned in the rules you are requested to enter the airport 3 hours prior to flight departure with baggage already checked. If moving to or from Cuba you need to complete check-in prior to 4 hours from the time of closing.

If you are late and reach after 4 hours from the time of departure then you cannot proceed to check-in.

Domestic Flights: The boarding gates close within 15 minutes prior to departure.

International Flights: The gate closes within 20 minutes prior to the departure.

The important thing to note is that you need to appear at the airport early to check in on time.

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