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Facing issues with check-in, unable to proceed with your details, showing error, etc. These are the common problems that you might confront and frustrated in searching for ways to get through them.

So, we are with this blog to help you in resolving the check-in problems.

Here, it includes topics such as travel start check-in Turkish airlines, Turkish airlines check-in in Delhi, Turkish airlines check-in luggage size, Turkish airlines online check-in tel Aviv, Turkish airlines online check-in in Tbilisi, and so on.

How do I check-in for a flight on Turkish Airlines

The processor methods to check-in to Turkish Airlines are as simple as an ABC. No hard and fast rules to follow. Once you know the methods you can complete the process with ease.

There are Four options available to check-in at Turkish Airlines.

  • Check-in Online
  • Check-in using the Mobile app
  • Kiosk check-in
  • Check-in at the airport counter

When can you check in Turkish Airlines

For check-in at Turkish Airlines, the deadline is being set as per the airlines and you can only check in within that mentioned period.

When can I do an online check-in with Turkish Airlines

The online check-in open time at Turkish Airlines:

The International and Domestic flights check-in: 24 hours to 90 minutes before boarding the flight. The system of check-in online is not available in all airports, selected airports have this facility. In a single booking, 8 passengers are allowed to check-in.

What is the deadline for check-in through Mobile App

Online and Mobile App checking possess the same deadline.

Deadline for check-in via Kiosk

  • 12 hours before the flight departure.
  • Domestic Flights: 60 minutes before boarding the flight.
  • International Flights: 75 minutes before the departure.

When do I check-in at the Airport Counter

  • Mainly 2 hours before the scheduled time.
  • Domestic flights: 45 minutes before departure.
  • International flights: 60 minutes and for Caracas 120 minutes before the scheduled departure.

It’s important to arrive at the airport 3 hours before the scheduled time because you need to go through the security regulations.

The closure of the Airport Counter

The counters at the airport will be closed for check-in:

  • Domestic: prior to 60 minutes i.e. if you are traveling within Turkey
  • International: 75 minutes before the flight starts.

A few of the things that you can able to do:

  • Luggage Check-in
  • Fees for extra baggage
  • Taking a printout of the boarding pass
  • Change or select the seat

Problems you might face:

  • In case you printed your boarding pass at home,  some airports might not accept it. You need to print at a self-service kiosk or at the airport counter check-in desk.
  • Reaching the airport 3 before the departure will help you to check-in early.

You need to do check-in at the service desk of the airport in certain situations:

  • Suppose the airport lacks a self-service or online facility for check-in.
  • Special assistance or traveling alone then check-in needs to be completed at the Turkish Airlines airport.
  • Traveling with a pet.

What is the procedure for online check-in at Turkish Airlines

The starting time for Canada or Hongkong or Tbilisi or Tel Aviv is 24 hours and stops 90 minutes before the flight departure.

The following steps you need to follow for online web check-in:

i) Firstly, visit the website @TurkishAirlines.com.

ii) Then tap on Manage Booking or Check-In option.

iii) Next, type the information such as – Ticket Number with 13 digits or Reservation Code, Last Name.

iv) Tap on the Search tab (>).

v) Now, go through the instructions as shown on the screen.

Once you check-in, you can select a meal, seat, and also book baggage. If you want download the e-boarding pass.

Check-in for Hong Kong using Mobile App at Turkish Airlines

The mobile app is the easiest way to check-in. After you complete the process you need to download the boarding pass and on the scheduled date do not forget to take the pass to the baggage desk.

Check-in Self-Service Kiosk at Turkish Airlines

The service is available only at selected airports and the check-in time is 12 hours – 60 minutes and 75 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time for domestic as well as international flights.

The steps to be followed:

  • Take the card or Miles & Smiles card with you in the card reader.
  • Next, enter the details: 
    • E-ticket number,
    • PNR
  • Now follow the instructions as displayed on the screen:
    • Check-in
    • Selection of the seat

As you select the seat the printout for the boarding pass will be automatically accessible.

After receiving the boarding pass you need to:

  • In case no baggage for check-in then heads to the boarding gate.
  • Move to the desk for check-in with baggage.
  • Reach 20 minutes before the departure.

If you are not eligible for check-in at Self-Service Kiosk:

Passengers which are not approved for check-in at the self-service kiosk are required to go to the airport counter for check-in

  • If the visa or passports are not readable on the machine:
  • Passengers on the waiting list
  • Bookings that are not yet confirmed
  • Minors without guardian
  • Passengers with instruments booked an extra seat
  • Traveling with pet
  • Passengers with special assistance like medical service or meet and support service.
  • At a single PNR, 8 passengers can check-in.

Check-in at the Airport Counter at Turkish Airlines

In order to Airport Counter at Turkish Airlines check-in follow the steps below:

i) First, move to a desk at the airport for check-in.

ii) Take the necessary details so that you can furnish them at the time of verification: Passport or Proof of Identity, Ticket, discount documents, health certificate, etc.

iii) Next, check-in for baggage dimensions, and in case it exceeds then pay the fee.

iv) After completing the verification, the boarding pass will be handed out to you. Proceed with it to the boarding gate.

Turkish Airlines online check no seats available

You can check the availability of the seats on the website or you can directly proceed with no selection of seats and it will automatically set your seat.

How much luggage can I check in Turkish Airlines

2 checked baggage are allowed at Turkish Airlines (Business and Economy Class).

Turkish Airlines check-in luggage size

Economy class and Business class:  55x40x23 and maximum 8 kg.

How early can I check-in at Turkish Airlines?

It is important to reach the airport 3 hours before the scheduled time.

Turkish Airlines check-in terminal

Depending on the flight schedule, different flights have different terminals.

Check-in time at Turkish Airlines Delhi

You need to enter the airport 3 hours before the departure of the scheduled flight. Starting at 24 hours and ending at 90 minutes prior to the flight.

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