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Having confirmed tickets now what to do, no need to worry this blog will guide you and show how to proceed after booking tickets.

What are the options accessible for check-in at Ethiopian Airlines

  • Check-in online
  • Kiosk check-in (self-service)
  • At the counter desk check-in

How can I online check-in at Air Ethiopia

The time to check-in online as mentioned in the rules and regulations of Ethiopian Airlines starts from 72 hours – 2 hours which is the same for all international and domestic flights.

Ethiopian Airlines’ online check-in not working which means the service is temporarily suspended:

  • Bamako
  • Ndjamena
  • Mombassa

The web check-in process saves your time as you can sit at home and do the check-in online. After that proceed to download the electronic boarding pass on the phone or take a printout of it.

Following are the steps involved to complete the web check-in process:

i) Either flying from Malawi airport or to Frankfurt Airport you can easily check in the site

ii) Tap the Check-in option in the next step.

iii) Now if you want to use a booking ID for check-in then enter the Booking ID and the last name. If you check in through the ticket number then enter the ticket number and the last name.

iv) Next, tap the Check-in option.

v) You need to click the Confirm tab to ensure that you are not holding dangerous materials.

vi) Now, follow the instructions as the screen shows:

  • Change or select seat
  • The baggage checked in at Ethiopian Airlines should enter the information.
  • If you have extra baggage then add it
  • Complete the check in process.
  • Now you will get the electronic boarding pass.


  • Print out the pass or save it on the phone to show at the boarding gate.
  • If the baggage is needed to be checked in then proceed to the baggage drop counter:
    • Domestic flights need to appear 45 minutes prior to the departure
    • International flights need to arrive 60 minutes prior to the flight departure.
  • After that, enter the boarding gate. Make sure to mark your entry prior to 30 minutes.

In case you are not eligible to check-in online, then appear 2 hours prior to the scheduled time.

Restrictions for web Check-in

Fly Ethiopian might not approve online check-in because of eligibility:

  • If you are travelling from Bamako, Ndjamena or Mombasa.
  • Need special care like stretcher, wheelchair, or an extra seat and so on.
  • Holding a pet
  • A minor without any parent
  • No electronic ticket
  • If the flight boards in 2 hours or less than that or takes more than the actual time of departure.

Ethiopian Airlines Self Check-In

The steps to check-in at Kiosk are simple and easy. It saves your time as you can check at the Kiosk without waiting at the counter.

  • Discover the kiosk at the flight’s terminal.
  • Pick the Ethiopian Airlines option.
  • Select the language either English or French.
  • Scan through the flight reservation via
    • Flight Number
    • Destination
    • Reservation Number
  • Next, confirm that there are no dangerous weapons or goods along with you.
  • Click Check-in and then include the personal information.
  • Now, click on Accept or select a seat.
  • You can also include missing personal information:
    • Passport details
    • Flyer code
    • Details of baggage checked
    • Obtain the boarding card

What is time to check at the Counter for Ethiopian Airlines

The counters here are available to the passengers 3 hours prior to the departure and ends 1 hour prior to departing. If departing from London Heathrow Airport then 75 minutes prior to departure.

International flights:

  • United States – 4 hours
  • Addis Ababa – 3 hours
  • For all Flights check in 2 hours prior to departure.
  • Addis Ababa to Canada, US and Europe – 1300 hours.

Domestic flights:

  • Enter 1 hour prior to departure
  • The baggage check in 45 minutes prior to departing.
  • Arrive at the gate to board 30 minutes prior to the flight departure.

The process for check in at the counter desk

  • Arrive at the security gate with the ticket and passport.
  • Get the boarding card after completing the baggage check in.
  • Next head to the boarding gate.
  • Passengers with Business Class, ShebaMiles Platinum or Gold, and the members of Star Alliance can proceed to check in at specific assigned counters and wait in a private lounge of Cloud Nine  in the Departing area of the Airport.


  • Ethiopian Airlines Check In Dubai is at Terminal 1.
  • If you cannot check in Ethiopian Airlines Uganda online then opt to visit the airport for counter check in.
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