Avianca Airlines check-in

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Flight check-in at Avianca Airlines has four methods to complete the procedure:

  • Online check-in
  • Via Mobile app
  • Kiosk check-in
  • Ticket Counter check-in

How do I flight check-in at Avianca Airlines Online

In order to check in for Avianca Airlines, flights online start from 24 hours – to 3 hours.

You can do the following things while using the online method to check in:

  • Modify or select a seat
  • Pick the name of the passenger for check-in
  • Update the passengers’ details
  • Add the flyer code
  • Email the details of the passport through the mail
  • Include the details for the immigration authorities
  • You need to pay for the add-on services

Avianca Airlines check-in online

The steps that you are required to follow for flight check-in online:

i) Click the link

ii) Next, press the Online Check-in option.

iii) Now, proceed to enter the details to access the booking: Last name, Reservation code, date of departure, and next, tap on the Continue tab.

iv) Follow the instructions pop-up on the screen to complete the flight check-in.

v) You will get the boarding pass as soon as you complete it on the email ID. Take a printout and show it at the boarding gate.


  • You are required to collect the electronic boarding pass within 3 hours prior to departure.
  • As per the baggage policy, check-in should be done within the given timeframe that alters by the airport.

If you fall under the mentioned conditions you will not be eligible for Online check-in:

  • The booking size reaches 9 persons at a time.
  • The itinerary has over 2 connections between departure and destination.
  • If using codeshare routes.
  • Connected with different flights
  • If you need special care: minor, required wheelchair, traveling with pets, patients with dialysis equipment, etc.
  • If you are expelled from the country
  • Did not make additional payments
  • If you are carrying a firearm.

How can I check in at Avianca Airlines through a mobile app

The time for check-in at Avianca Airlines starts 24 hours – 3 hours prior to the flight departure.

Airports where the boarding passes through mobile available:

  • Domestic flight through Brazil
  • Flights from: New York, Brasilia, International Airport, Sao Paulo, Flores, Liberia, Monterrey
  • Flights evacuating from the airports: Santo Domingo, La Habana, Asuncion, Cancun, Rio de Janeiro, Punta Cana, Porto Alegre, Santa Cruz de la Sierra

What are things you can do while checking on the app

  • Pick the seat as per your requirements
  • Buy the extra baggage
  • You can update the passenger details
  • Email the details of the passport to mail
  • You will be asked to pay for the services added
  • Get the e-boarding pass on the smartphone
  • No printout required

Few things you need to know:

  • If you exceed the booking to 8 persons
  • The itinerary contains over 2 connections between the departure and the departure
  • Have codeshare route
  • Checking with other flights and airline
  • Need special care: minor without a guardian, wheelchair, traveling with dialysis
  • Deport traveler
  • Moving with a paper ticket
  • Not yet paid dues
  • Passenger with firearm

Check-in through Kiosk for the flight at Avianca Airlines

The time to check in at the Kiosk is 3 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure.

The following steps need to be followed:

i) Arrive at Kiosk and get to access it

ii) Understand the hazardous information of the goods

iii) Next, pick and enter the identification mode

iv) After that confirm the name of the passenger

v) Select the seat

vi) You need to enter the additional contact information if there is an emergency

vii) Add the baggage included

viii) Now, go through the screen instructions and complete check-in.

ix) You will receive the boarding pass printout.


  • Suppose you received a boarding pass online then take a printout through code scanning.
  • If you have a connecting or return flight then complete check-in in 16 hours.

What is the procedure to print the bag tags:

  • Pick the option “Baggage to check”.
  • Select the number by pressing the + tab. If you have more than 2 passengers then baggage check-in will be available at the Avianca counter.
  • Tap the Continue tab
  • Get the bag tags printout.

Avianca Airlines Peru check-in

  • With checked baggage 1 hour prior to departure
  • Baggage without being checked 45 minutes prior to departure for web check-in
  • Arrive at the airport to check in at the counter 2 hours prior to departing

For a flight through Copa, you need to check in 24 hours prior to the flight departure.

Make sure to arrive early at the airport so that the check-in process can be completed easily.

  • International flights 3 hours prior to departure
  • Domestic flight is 2 hours prior to the flight departing
  • The local flight scheduled time is 90 minutes

How can I acquire Bag Tags Online

  • Click
  • Tap online Check-in
  • Enter the last name, booking code, date of flight departure
  • Next, click the Continue tab
  • Go to the Boarding category and pick the Baggage Tag tab
  • Now, tap the Print option in order to collect a printout. You can also send it to the email id so that a printout can be taken later.

Frequently Asked Questions About Avianca Airlines Check-in 

How early can I check in for Avianca?

One can check in between 24 hours to 2 hours prior to flight departure for Avianca.

Why is Avianca not letting me check in?

If time is not available yet then it will not let one check in until the scheduled check-in time for

How do I check in online with a boarding pass?

One can check in online through the mobile app or website and get the boarding pass to board the flight.

Do I need my boarding pass to check in?

Boarding passes are essential at the hour of boarding the flight, as it identifies the traveler, flight number, date, and scheduled time for flight departure.

Do you need to print Avianca’s boarding pass?

No, it’s not essential to print Avianca’s boarding pass.

How many hours before a flight can you check in?

Flyers can check 24 hours to 2 hours before a flight for Avianca.

What happens if you don’t check in 24 hours before your flight?

If one doesn’t check in, no boarding pass will be issued that enables one to board the flight, and the seat may be provided to a standby traveler.

Do you really need to arrive 3 hours before an international flight?

Yes, it is recommended to arrive 3 hours before the international flight.

Is it OK to check in 2 hours before the flight?

Yes, one can check in 2 hours before the flight.

Do I get better seats if I check in early?

If the option is given to select a seat for free while check-in, then being earlier, is usually the better advice.

Is it better to check in online or at the airport?

When carrying only hand baggage, then online check-in saves much time and is better to check in online at the airport.

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