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For check-in at Singapore Airlines there are a few options available:

The first option is Online mode, quite easy and avoids long queues. The second is the Mobile app, sitting at the app Auto Check-in followed by the other option Kiosk check-in. The last one is At the counter desk of the airport.

How can I online check at Singapore Airlines

To make yourself eligible for the online mode the conditions need to be fulfilled:

  • You need to check-in two to four hours prior to the flight’s departure time.
  • When flying out of approved airports, you need to only print the boarding pass after checking in online.
  • If you are a minor without parents or whose booking was made independently from the accompanying adult’s reservation, no online check in.
  • You are not part of a group of ten or more people.

You need to arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to the flight’s departure time if there are bags to check-in. If the Flight travels from a different airport, inquire about the deadlines of check-in, which typically starts from 40 and ends 60 minutes prior to departure.

When does check-in open Singapore airlines:

Starting 48 hours – 1.5 hours prior to the flight’s departure.

The steps involved for online check-in:

i) To check in on Singapore Airlines’ website, go to:

ii) Tap on the Check-In option.

iii) Using Booking ID: Last name and Booking ID

Using the E-ticket number to check-in: Choose the E-ticket number from the drop-down menu and type the e-ticket number and surname.

v) To check in, click the Check-In option.

 vi) Now, follow the instructions as shown on the screen.

After completing the online process you can enjoy other services:

  • Select a seat.
  • Make a reservation for the special meal
  • Purchase additional luggage.
  • Obtain a copy of the electronic boarding pass


  • You can opt to download and print the boarding card or save it to the smartphone and display it at the airport while checking in.
  • If you are not of age 18, you cannot check in online.
  • In a booking, you have included more than 10 passengers.
  • The previous flight booking was not the same as the current one.

Singapore Airlines check-in online to Australia regions  Sydney or Melbourne: check-in starts from48 hours – 90 minutes prior to departure.

Check in the luggage online though having bags dropped. Once done checking in, drop the luggage at the airport.

How to check-in at Mobile app at Singapore Airlines

The time as mentioned in the airlines’ policy:

You can use a mobile app either an iOS or Android app starting from 48 hours ending 1.5 hours prior to the flight’s departure.

If you are departing from one of these cities, simply download the Boarding Pass to the mobile device and display it to the airport to proceed.


  • Those who do not require a visa check, as well as passengers travelling from the following airports, can download the Boarding Pass:
  • San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, and Houston are among the cities in the United States.
  • Zurich, Paris, Munichn, Barcelona, and Amsterdam are all located in Europe.
  • Tokyo, Seoul, Osaka, Nagoya, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Fukuoka are all in North Asia.
  • Surabaya, Phuket, Singapore, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok, are all in Southeast Asia.
  • Wellington, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Christchurch, Brisbane, Auckland, and Canberra, Adelaide are all located in the South-West Pacific.
  • Johannesburg, Colombo, Dubai, Colombo, and Cape Town are all in West Asia and Africa.

In case you don’t have any baggage to be checked and don’t need to be verified at the counter, go straight to Immigration Counter.

How to check in Auto for Singapore Airlines

The time for baggage check-in: Attend the airport for an automatic check-in 48 hours prior to the trip. After your booking has been confirmed, go to Manage Booking and switch it on.

  • Make a reservation for a seat in advance.
  • Choose or modify the preferred meal.
  • Purchase extra luggage.
  • Upgrade or change the flight.

As you complete auto check-in till 1.5 hours prior to flight departs

  • Replace the seat.
  • Create the digital boarding pass.

If one of the following applies, the auto check-in option is not accessible

  • Minor traveling alone.
  • Having a group reservation for over 9 people.
  • The reservation is not completed or placed on a waiting list.
  • You have reserved an additional seat.
  • The previous flight booking is not the same as the current one.
  • Flying on the partner airline flight.
  • The passport is still valid for 6 months.

What is the Kiosk check-in policy

The baggage check-in time as mentioned is 24 hours prior to the departure of the flight.

  • Rows 3, 4 of Singapore Changi Airport’s Terminal 3
  • San Francisco International, Terminal—Aisle 4
  • Counters 19 through 24 at Wellington International Airport
  • Perth Airport Terminal 1 Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport,
  • Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Terminal 5
  • Terminal 1—Hall 1 Tokyo Narita, Terminal 1 South Wing—Zone G
  • Terminal 2—Island A/B/D, Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport
  • Terminal 1—Hall 1 Tokyo Narita, Terminal 1 South Wing—Zone G
  • London Heathrow, Terminal 2—Zone A Kansai International Airport,
  • Terminal 2—Zone M Los Angeles Tom Bradley International, Terminal—Aisle C London Heathrow,
  • Terminal 1—Island G & H Melbourne Airport,
  • Terminal 2—Zone A Kansai International Airport,
  • Schiphol Airport, Departure Hall 3
  • Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Island C & D
  • Terminal 1—Island G & H Jakarta
  • Terminal 1—Aisle F, Hong Kong International Airport,
  • Terminal 1—Concourse C, Copenhagen Airport,
  • Terminal 1—Concourse C, Frankfurt Airport,
  • International Terminal, Auckland Airport,
  • Terminal 2 Bengaluru Kempegowda
  • International Terminal—Zone E,

In order to check in at the kiosk, follow these steps:

  • From the home screen, pick Singapore Airlines.
  • Read the terms and conditions for transporting risky products and agree to them.
  • You can get a hold of your reservation in one of the following ways:
    • Scan the passport for information.
    • Examine barcodes on the boarding pass, whether it’s digital or mobile.
    • Enter the electronic ticket number, booking reference if you check with more than one passenger.
  • Put the passport in the reader after getting your reservation.
  • To pick or change the seat, click on Seat Map.
  • Select Confirm. Complete the check-in by checking in.
  • If you want to check your bags, select Yes; otherwise, select No. Your boarding pass will be printed automatically.

For check-in, the luggage, go to:

  • Select the amount of bags per passenger checking; if you’re travelling with over three bags, press the > sign tab.
  • Singapore Airline check in baggage allowance, click on View Allowance Details. The boarding pass and bags tags will be printed out for you.
  • Drop the bags off at the bag drop desk after tagging them.

Note that in Amsterdam, the tag printing facility is not accessible, so collect them from the counter desk and drop them there.

If you fall in the below category not eligible for Kiosk:

The passengers listed below are not able for kiosk check-in and must proceed for checking at the counter:

  • Passengers with passports or visas that cannot be read by a machine
  • Passengers on a waiting list
  • Passengers with pending reservations
  • Minors who are unaccompanied
  • Passengers who have reserved a seat for an extra item, such as a musical instrument
  • Passengers who are travelling with their pets
  • Passengers who require special help, such as medical support or meet-and-assist service, should contact the airline directly.

How can I check-in at a counter of Singapore Airlines

The time for check-in at the airport counters:

  • Changi Airport in Singapore: Starting from 48 hours – 40 minutes prior to flight departure.
  • At Different Airports: between 3 hours to 40 minutes prior to the departure.

Completed the verification process at a counter and enjoy the following services:

  • Check the luggage by following the dimension given for baggage check in.
  • Select seat as per requirements.
  • The boarding permit will be handed to you.


  • You need to utilize the Kiosk check in bag drop option if you wish to complete 24 hours prior to departure.
  • Call at +65-6223-8888 for assistance after the counters have shut down.

The Return Check-in Process at Singapore Airlines

You cannot check-in for flights to the United States, otherwise if you want within 48 hours prior to departure. Return check-in can be done online, on your phone, or at an airport counter.

How does the return check-in process work

  • Prepare to check the bags for the first flight.
  • Simply return to the check-in counter and drop off the luggage.
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