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If the passenger has a confirmed ticket at Japan Airlines, they have numerous ways to follow up for flight check-in. International flights and Domestic flights passengers will have separate options while checking in.

International flights:

  • Web Check In
  • Kiosk check in
  • At the Counter Check-in

Domestic flights:

The facility of Touch & Go Service

How to check-in Japan Airlines for flights Online

The International flight checking in online using QuiC starts from 24 hours – 1 hour prior to departing of the flight and also check in operated by American Airlines, Iberia, and British Airways. Flights on Finnair can go for check-in on the web from 36 hours prior to departure.

Traveling within Japan will require no check-in if already selected the seat and booked the ticket. Just proceed to scan the barcode “Touch & Go two-dimensional” or click the JMB or JALCARD through the reader. You need to check in the luggage within 30 minutes prior to the flight departure. Head to the security gate 20 minutes prior to departure. In case you are traveling by connecting flights then reach the gate 30 minutes and enter the boarding gate 10 minutes prior to departure.

When you opt for a web check-in you need to be ready with the following details:

  • The online receipt
  • Information of the passenger
  • Valid email ID to be furnished of the passengers

For online check-in at Japan Airlines:

i) Click on the website @JAL.com

ii) Select the City and Language, after that tap the click Go tab. You can also pick the Language and Country.

iii) Pick the Check-in option and next click the Web Check-in tab.

iv) Now, search the reservation using:

  • Reservation code
  • Electronic ticket number
  • Authorization code

v) Next, type the Flight number, time and date scheduled for departure, name of the passenger.

vi) Tap the Identification tab.

vii) Now, pick the name of the passenger for checking in.

If the passenger is more than one then you can skip the (vii) step.

viii) Ensure that no items are restricted in the baggage as mentioned in the baggage allowance.

ix) Now, confirm the flight and also the seat, and then tap the Continue button. Want to make changes to the seat then tap Seat Map.

x) Choose the passenger and the seat.

xi) Now, tap the Confirm Seat tab.

xii) Type the details of the passport and the passengers and then tap Confirm Details option.

xiii) Fill in the contact details and tap the option “Save Contact Details”.

xiv) Now, pick the option to receive the boarding pass:

  • Email
  • Printout
  • iPad or iPhone through Wallet
  • Via mobile

The page will show the details of check-in after completing it.

When the day arrives for departure make sure to carry an electronic ticket and the boarding card either on mobile or printed, carry the luggage to Drop Off Bags at the drop counter of Fast Baggage, enter the security gate, and at last enter the boarding entrance.

In case the web check is suspended temporarily you need to visit the airport for check-in.

If you fall under certain criteria you are not eligible for web check-in:

  • Special care on flight boarding
  • The code for a reservation booked through an agent is different so enter the JAL reservation code
  • The number of passengers is more in a single booking but on different flights in the same airport and same day.
  • If your first and last name is the same as another passenger on the same booking.
  • An authorization number is not yet registered.
  • The tour package is not for web check in.
  • Flight details have been changed in booking but the details of the tickets are still the same.
  • Visa has already expired.

Japan Airlines Check in using Kiosk

The check-in time for Japan Airlines is 1 hour prior to the flight departure for the international flights. But no check-in process is to be followed online for domestic flights.

The following things you can do using a Kiosk:

i) Flight check-in

ii) Pick the seat you like if available

iii) Get a boarding card printout.

iv) Make sure to take a printout of the baggage receipt where the baggage weight and size is clearly stated.

v) Acquire an Electronic receipt.

vi) Take the baggage tag printout.

Carry the necessary items while Kiosk check-in:

  • If JMB registered take the printout of the JMB or JALCARD, electronic receipt or the order number with JAL IC key.
  • If not registered with JMB take a barcode prinout or order number.

The steps to be followed for Kiosk check-in:

i) From the list available pick Check-in for the required services.

ii) Next, go through the on-screen instructions for checking in.

iii) The screen will show the things expected for boarding be flight after completing the process.

  • Take the necessary items for boarding
  • Enter the security gate 20 minutes prior to departure

Click the items either UC Card or 2D Barcode to pass the security gate.

If the flight you are traveling is a code-sharing one and operated by a different airline or the passport is not readable by a machine, you cannot follow up the check the process through Kiosk.

In this case, you need to visit the airport counter for flight check-in.

  • International flights:
    • 1 hour prior to departure.
    • Enter the boarding gate 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time for departure.
  • Domestic flights:
    • Complete the baggage check in  30 minutes prior to the scheduled deadline
    • Enter the security checking gate 20 minutes prior to  departure
    • Arrive boarding gate  10 minutes prior to the departure.
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