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There are different ways to check-in at Aer Lingus flight:

  • Check in online
  • Mobile app check in
  • Web check in advance
  • Kiosk check in
  • Airport counter

How to check in with Aer Lingus via Online

The check-in time using the online method:

Within Europe –

  • You can check in advance starting 30 days and closes 30 hours prior to departure including a fee
  • For flights to Amsterdam, Birmingham, UK and Ireland starts 30 hours and closes 2 hours prior to departure.
  • 30 hours to 6.5 hours prior to departure from Rome.
  • Closes 8.5 hours prior to the departure from Faro and Malaga.
  • Other flights close 4.5 prior to departure within Europe.

US and Canada –

Flight check-in online is currently having problems so presently closed and for this, you need to check-in at the airport 3.5 hours prior to the departure.

Transatlantic flights – starting from 24 hours – 2 hours prior to the flight departure.

The following steps are included for check-in at the website:

i) Click and tap the Check-in option.

ii) Next, access the ticket information by entering the Booking ID and Last Name, after that click the Check-in option.

iii) Pick the flight.

iv) Click on the Confirm button to complete check-in.

The boarding pass will be delivered to your email, just take the printout.

As you complete the check-in online, on the scheduled day of travel directly move to the counter for Baggage Drop if check-in for baggage is completed.


  • The seats are assigned by the airline itself but if you want then go ahead as no fees are included in this process.
    • Click the Manage Trip or through online for seat selection.
  • The timing for check in varies from one airport to another.
  • If the boarding flight is from Izmir, as per the government you need to get a boarding pass after showing the pass.
  • Make sure to do the baggage check in before the scheduled time or the seat might be given to another passenger.

Some passengers cannot opt to do the check-in online because:

  • They are moving to countries where online processes are not accepted or having issues.
  • The ticket is not yet confirmed.
  • Special care required.

How can I go with Aer Lingus Mobile check in

The time for app check-in for the Aer Lingus flight:


  • starts 30 hours and ends 1 hour prior to departing from Ireland, UK and Amsterdam.
  • 30 hours – 6.5 hours prior to departure from Rome.
  • 30 hours – 8.5 hours prior to departure from Malaga.
  • 30 hours – 4.5 prior to flight departure.

US and Canada:

No app check-in for the Orlando or JFK of the USA or any other airports of Canada is available for app check-in.

In order to use the app following steps are required:

  • Go to the app and tap the Login tab.
  • Select the flight and next go through the instructions as it displays on the screen.


i) Once you complete, head to the baggage counter to check-in before the given deadline.

ii) App check-in is not available for passengers if:

  • The flight is departing after the given time.
  • The group has more than 7 passengers.
  • The booking is through a travel agency.
  • Flying from Donegal, Faro, Izmir, or Bourgas

The following things are accessible if you check in through the app:

  • Viewing the itineraries
  • Book flights
  • Modify and cancel flights
  • Check status of flight
  • Web check in
  • Receive boarding pass
  • Seat reservation
  • Add the check luggage
  • Include APIS and information of passport
  • Manage the AerClub account
  • View credits
  • Get discounts, offers, etc.

What is the time for Kiosk check in at Aer Lingus

If you are departing from Dublin, the kiosk service is available at the airport. Be sure to complete check-in within a given time.

The touchscreen feature allows the passenger to:

  • Select the language to Check in their selected languages English, French, Italian, German, or Spanish.
  • Get the details of the booking by entering the booking ID, Credit card, passport number, or Gold Circle Club card.
  • Pick and then check-in.
  • Enter the number of bags you are carrying.
  • Modify the seat.
  • Include the frequent flyer number.
  • You need to print the boarding card.

How can you check-in at the airport with Aer Lingus

For checking at the airport

i) North America: arrive 3.5 hours and complete 75 minutes for Economy class and 60 minutes for Business class.

ii) Europe: enter 2 hours before the gate closes in 45 minutes.

iii) London City Airport: 2 hours – 30 minutes

Dublin airport check-in

You can check in on the scheduled day at the Dublin airport for the flights of Aer Lingus and also there are other airlines:

American Airlines, JetBlue Airways, United Airlines, British Airways, Finnair, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Cathay Pacific.

If you want to return on same day you can opt to go for at Dublin airport for check-in:

  • The boarding time for flights from Europe and the UK is 30 minutes except for Amsterdam and Rome.
  • The time to board from Amaterdamand Rome is 40 minutes.
  • The flight from North America is 45 minutes.

For Airport Check-in you need to furnish the ticket and the documents of travel i.e. passport. Also include the pass for entry and exit of the country to where you are moving to. The bags need to be labeled and checked in by following the security regulations.

After completing the check-in:

  • Collect the ticket and the documents.
  • Reach the security counter on given time.
  • Enter the boarding gate as per the specified deadline.


  • The check-in time varies by airport.
  • If travelling to the US then make sure you have extra time as you will be asked to move through US Pre-Clearance completing security screening. It will indicate that the process of US Immigration is completed prior to the flight’s departure.
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