Lufthansa check-in

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People are moving fast forward, having no time to stand in the queue for check-in. So, this blog is all about how you can proceed with the flight check-in at Lufthansa.

What are the options to check in at Lufthansa

There are different options for check-in such as:

  • Automated check in
  • Web check in
  • Via Mobile App check in
  • Airport check in
  • Kiosk check in
  • Late-night check in

Let’s have a look at the check-in options thoroughly.

Lufthansa check in automat

The service at Lufthansa for check-in proceeds automatically and the boarding pass reaches you through phone or email 23 hours before the departure.

In case you already have the ID or Miles & More member, the automated service works automatically.

  • Flying to the Schengen area
  • Booking the flight one day before the departure, the e-boarding pass is delivered through the mobile or by text within 23 hours of departure.

You will receive different services like:

  • Modify the seat
  • Print the bags tags
  • Cancel the  check-in
  • Add eJournals
  • Add frequent flyer cards
  • Add travel companions

If you want you can also disable the automated check-in via the profile of the user. If the flights do not fly to the Schengen Area then you cannot cancel the check-in process.

Do I have to check in online with Lufthansa

Yes, you can check-in online at Lufthansa.

Here are the steps to complete the check-in process online:

i) Click

ii) Then tap on the Check-in tab. If you want to log in using ID or Miles & More account then proceed to tap on ‘Login for check-in’ options and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

iii) Next, type the first and last name along with the booking code.

iv) Now tap on the Check-in tab.

v) Lastly, go through the onscreen instructions and complete the procedure.

There is also another link Further check-in alternatives in order to check-in:

  • Ticket number
  • Frequent Flyer card
  • Trip through Tour operator without the code for booking

You will also get the different options such as:

  • Select the seat as per your choice
  • Print the -boarding pass
  • Sent the boarding pass to the phone, office or home
  • Add the frequent flyer number

Check in through Mobile App

If you want to check-in at the comfort of the home then install the Mobile App for your convenience.

  • Download and install the app
  • Log in by registering into the account.
  • Enter the flight information.
  • Now, tap the Confirm tab to complete the check-in process.
  • After some time you will get the e-boarding pass on your phone number.

It also offers different services like:

  • Booking flight
  • Changes and cancelling the flight
  • Check the flight status
  • Make or cancel car reservations
  • Check the Rapid Rewards account
  • Weather and travel notification received
  • Any important information on airport
  • Utilizing express check out

Check-in late night at Lufthansa

This option is accessible at several airports and it opens in the evening before the scheduled flight. You cannot check-in early in the Late-night option.

You can select the seat, print the boarding pass, check the baggage, or counter-check in. These services are offered at late night check-in

In some cases, check-in at Late-night is not applicable:

  • Passengers that travel in Economy Class. They have web or mobile app check in options.
  • Check in USA Mexico and Canada at Lufthansa are not available for late-night check in.
  • If you have a pet for travelling.

Check in through Self Service Kiosk at Lufthansa

You need to visit the airport if you want to avail this option:

  • Collect the boarding pass
  • Documents should be valid
  • In case you have special baggage, then contact the customer support at the counter of the bag drop-off.

In different countries, you can find the service available like Billund, Dublin, Stuttgart, Berlin, Hamburg, UK, Oslo, Stockholm, Munich, and Frankfurt.

Check in at the Lufthansa Airport

Go to the airport 2 to 3 hours before the departure. The check-in procedures are different in different airports. It’s important to arrive earlier so that you can enter the boarding gate on time.

You need to enter the name and flight details then click on the Display button in order to check the deadline of check-in of the required airport.

Some of the passengers cannot go through the process of check-in via an Online, Mobile App, or at Self Service Kiosk.

  • Minors without Guardian
  • If you are on fares with age-qualifying fares
  • Passengers with special care.
  • If you have paper tickets
  • Passengers with pets.

Travelling gives each one of us the greatest joy. When you plan a trip make sure to have the relevant information at hand so that you do not fall into any trouble.

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