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Kenya Airways has the following check-in options for its flights:

  • Check-in over the web.
  • App check in
  • At the airport, check in.

Kenya Airways online check in time

The flight check-in time online starts

  • Counters close 30 hours – one hour before for international flights depart
  • Flights to or from US starts from 24 hours – 1 hour.
  • Flight for Amadeus, Nairobi i.e within Kenya is from 30 hours – 90 minutes prior to the departure.

Kenya Airways provides online check-in technology. If you check-in online and print the boarding card at the same time, you can skip huge lineups and save time at the airport. Passengers can drop the baggage at the drop-off 2 hours prior to the international flight departure and for domestic flights 1 hour prior to the departure.

If you are traveling to the US then no online method is available to you for security reasons.

The following steps you need to follow:

i) Click on the link for online check-in.

ii) Next, hit the Check-in option.

iii) Type the Booking ID or Electronic ticket number or Flyer Number and the date of departure to get the booking info.

iv) Tap on the Continue tab.

v) Now, follow the instructions to choose the flight, and next, confirm the check-in.

As you complete the process of checking in now head to print the boarding card or get through email or SMS.

If you fall under the below criteria you are not eligible for check-in online:

  • Moving to the US
  • Internet facility is not working
  • The ticket is not yet confirmed
  • Required special assistance
  • You are touring alone and requested assistance
  • A minor travelling alone
  • You have a newborn
  • If the group has more than 10 passengers

If you checked in online but were unable to print your boarding ticket or forgot it due to unavoidable circumstances, you must go to check-in to pick up your boarding pass.

Suppose the booking has a return flight in 30 hours, then check in within the same time as the first one.

If you have checked-in baggage or are required to check in then use the online method

How can I check in for Kenya Airways at the Mobile App

International flights: 30 hours – One hour from the time of departure

Domestic flights: 30 minutes – 90 minutes for the flight departure

A similar process is applied for app check in as the online method. Take the boarding pass screenshot and show it at the boarding gate.

With the help of a mobile app you can:

  • Book and search flights
  • Pick a seat as per the requirements
  • Upgrade the seat
  • Flight check in
  • Flight status can be checked
  • The scheduled date can be modified
  • Pay the extra baggage
  • Cancel the booking
  • Ask for a refund
  • Request meals
  • If required you can add extras
  • You can also update the contact details

How to check in at Airport Counter for Kenya Airways

International flights: Kenya Airways approves that check in at the counter desk should be 2.5 hours prior to  departure.

Domestic flights: 90 minutes prior to the schedule departure. Make sure to complete the process before it closes the airport counter.

Priority check in: A member of Flying Blue Elite travelling from Nairobli then:

  • You can have a priority check in as well as boarding
  • You can also get the access to lounge along with one partner.

Provide the Flying Blue pass in order to create the Miles account, at the counter desk during check in. If you want you can upgrade the class from Economy to Business Class usi g the Miles.


  • Check in online using an app or web, you need to drop the baggage at the drop off counter.
  • International route: 2 hours prior to departure
  • Domestic route: 1 hour prior to flight departure.
  • Reach the gate for boarding on time if you have no baggage to check in.


Kenya Airways check in baggage allowance

Business Class: 2 piece

Economy Class: 1 piece

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