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When you book the flight you should know the check-in policy. This blog is about “How do I check-in for my American Airlines flight”.

Check-in confirms the boarding pass, and baggage check-in, and enters the boarding gate to board the flight.

What are the check-in methods on American Airlines

The methods for American Airlines check-in are:

  • Check-in Online
  • Check-in Mobile app
  • Check-in Curbside
  • Through Self-service kiosk check-in or Machine check-in
  • Check-in at the Counter

American Airlines Online (Web) check-in

The online check-in method saves your time but makes sure the Internet you are using is stable enough to complete the process. With the help of web check-in, you do not need to wait in lines feeling frustrated.

Here are the steps to be followed:

i) Type in the browser.

ii) Next, tap the option “Manage trips or Check-in”.

iii) Enter the first name, last name, and confirmation code in the field provided.

iv) Tap the “Find your trip” tab.

v) Follow the instructions as displayed on the screen.

  • Choose the flight for check-in.
  • Select the seat.
  • Print the boarding pass.

Some passengers are not eligible for Online Check-in:

  • If flying on the Airline Partner
  • Not confirmed booking
  • The facility is not available at the airport
  • Special assistance
  • Not with a guardian because you are a minor
  • Traveling with pet
  • Traveling along with weapons

Check-in time for online

Domestic flights: 24 hours to 45 minutes

International flights: You can check in early or within 24 hours to 90 minutes from the departure.

Check in the American Airlines app

The following steps are included for app check-in:

i) Tap on the mobile app and click on the Login tab.

ii) Fill in the required information.

iii) Tap the flight that you want to check in.

iv) Save the e-boarding pass on the device.

There are certain things you can do if you check-in through the app:

  • You can download the pass
  • Flight booking
  • Cancel or modify the flight
  • Check the flight status
  • What is the position of the boarding
  • Which gate to enter for boarding
  • Cancel the reservation of the car
  • Access the Advantage account
  • Get useful information

How can I receive Boarding Pass on mobile

  • Click on the
  • Tap the Manage trips or Check-in option.
  • Enter the first name, last name, and the confirmed code in the next step.
  • Tap on the option “Find your trip”.
  • Pick the flight and then check-in by following the instructions.
  • Choose the email option.
  • Visit the email box to get the link.
  • Click the link and obtain the boarding pass. After that save on the device

While checking in you will be asked to provide the e-boarding pass at the gate. The barcode should be clearly visible on the screen.

Note: Not all airports approve e-boarding pass so you need to check beforehand whether the airport approves or not.

Suppose the airport you booked a flight does not accept e-boarding passes:

  • Print the boarding pass prior to heading to the airport
  • You can also print the pass at a self-service kiosk

Check-in time for Mobile App

Domestic flights: Take the mobile to check-in but oy possible within 24 hours – 45 minutes from the departure time not before that.

International flights: 24 hours – 90 minutes prior to departure and also can check-in early.

How to check-in American Airlines Airport Self-Service Kiosk

Another method to check in is a self-service kiosk at U.S. airports. You need to online check-in, pick up the checked baggage, and download the boarding pass.

Now you can scan the e-boarding pass as you enter the kiosk. You will obtain a bag tag printout, just paste it on the baggage.

Steps to check in through the self-service kiosk:

i) Firstly, scan your e-boarding pass.

ii) Fill in the record locator.

iii) The trip will pop up on  your screen:

  • Print the pass
  • Add the lap infant on the US reservation
  • Print the bag tags
  • Modify the seat

The following things you need to do at check-in:

  • Delay the fight for the same day which might be earlier or later
  • Change the flight to the same day
  • Modify or change the seat
  • Upgrade to 500 mile
  • Purchase extra AAdvantage miles
  • Request for the receipt

Those who cannot check-in through a Kiosk

  • No guardian
  • Traveling with pets
  • Moving on fare with age-qualifying
  • Special care passenger
  • Reserved in groups
  • Global passengers
  • Did not book the main cabin

What is the check-in time of Kiosk

Domestic flights: US airports are eligible for Kiosk check-in 24 hours – 45 minutes.

International flights: 24 hours – 90 minutes from the departure time.

Check-in at the Airport of American Airlines

You will be asked to show the ticket number and the travel documents as you enter the airport desk. Also, you need to tag the baggage labeled and acknowledge the required regulations. 

Once you provide the necessary documents:

  • Baggage check-in
  • Select the seat
  • Get the boarding pass

Check the details as you checked in:

  • Details on the pass are correct
  • Bags are labeled and received the receipts
  • Acquire the ticket and the travel documents.
  • Reach the security gate on time
  • Go through the security checks in time.

The check-in times might vary according to the airport:

  • You can check in the following airports
  • Does not accept after 4 hours prior to departure:
    • Denver, Colorado (DEN)
    • Seattle (SEA)
    • Portland, Oregon (PDX)
    • Las Vegas (LAS)
    • Salt Lake City (SLC)
    • Orlando (MCO)
    • Fort Lauderdale (FLL)

Check-in time at the airport

Domestic flight: 4 hours – 45 minutes

International flight: 4 hours – 90 minutes

What is the Check-in time for Curbside

You will be asked to pay a fee at most Airports.

Domestic Flights: 4 hours – 45 minutes prior to the departure of the flight.

International Flights: 4 hours – 90 minutes prior to departure and check-in early.


  • Domestic flights: USD 3 for a bag
  • You need to have an electronic ticket
  • Pay the fee for baggage through a credit card
  • Have a photo ID, Ticket number, confirmation number, AAdvantage number, destination
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