Can You Bring Bear Spray On A Plane

Are you an explorer and like camping and trekking around countries?? Sometimes to visit those places you may need to travel on a plane rather than driving. In such cases, it is quite essential for an explorer to learn what are the things one can carry and what needs to be avoided to be brought in carry-on or in checked luggage when flying.

Bear spray belongs to one of the items.

In this post, we aim to deliver all the essential information regarding taking bear spray on the plane, so continue reading it till the bottom of this page.

TSA Regulations: Is Bear Spray Allowed On Board?

Is Bear Spray Allowed in Hand Luggage on Board a Plane?

The answer is ‘No’. The TSA does not deliver a green signal on bringing bear spray in hand luggage on board a plane.

Can I Bring Bear Spray in Checked Baggage on a Plane?

One may not find any green signal when it relates to taking bear spray on a plane. As stated by TSA, passengers are not permitted to bring bear spray when flying in carry-on baggage or in checked-in baggage.

Is there any alternative? You must continue reading to get the solution for protecting everyone on the next flight trip.

Why is Bear Spray not permitted on planes?

  • Bear sprays can be kept in checked baggage at less than 4oz capacity, and the active components must be below 2%.
  • The reason behind not permitting bear spray in carry-on baggage is that the item is evaluated as a weapon. It is the same for carrying pepper spray on a flight.
  • A limit is stated on the quantity of bear spray in checked baggage as it is highly flammable, which may risk the passenger’s and cabin crew’s safety as it might cause a fire breakout inside the cargo.

Bear Spray Regulations for Airlines

The TSA regulations are generally followed by the airlines but certain exceptions are seen when it’s seen related to bear sprays.

The airlines namely: American Airlines, United, JetBlue, Delta and Southwest do not permit to pack bear spray on a plane in either carry-on luggage or checked luggage. Whereas Frontier Airlines and Alaska permits to bring bear spray in the checked luggage.

Is Pepper Spray Allowed in Checked Baggage?

Yes, TSA permits to carry pepper spray in the checked baggage but under the set limitation.

One can place it in a container or box of 118 mo or 4 fluid ounces. Also note that there is a  safety cap which is tightly fixed at the trigger spot in order to prevent accidental discharge of the product.

Moreover, sprays consisting of more than 2% (mass of tear gas i.e. CN or CS) are not permitted to be placed in checked luggage.

It is quite important to inspect the pepper spray level at the time of placing it on the bag.


Thus, we came to the conclusion of this blog on can you bring bear spray on a flight. In short the reply is ‘No’. Bringing bear spray in carry-on baggage is strictly prohibited.

One can bring it in a checked luggage only in spray bottle at below 4 ounces and only at 2% of active ingredient.

As, it is quite difficult to find this small-size container, one can buy directly from shop at the destination or can shipped it to the site.

Passengers are required to obey the regulations stated by TSA considering the items one carry to avoid any sort of issues at the airport security screening checkpoint.

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