Can I Bring an Air Fryer On A Plane

Is there much use for an air fryer in your daily schedule? Thinking of carrying it along on a plane while flying to a destination for a long time? This article is just meant for you.

An air fryer is an electronic appliance, so it will be finer if one is knowledgeable about the regulations that have been implemented by TSA (Transportation Security Administration) on bringing electronic devices into luggage.

Read below to clear all your concerns about bringing an air fryer in flight in a detailed manner.

Can an Air Fryer Be Taken on a Plane?

Yes, passengers can take an air fryer (wired and wireless) on a plane. Even air fryers of wi-fi-enabled type are also permitted. But with certain restrictions. One must check if the item rolls on lithium batteries. In such cases, flyers need to be conscious of the regulations associated with the batteries.

One must also be aware of the rules stated by the airline with which the booking has been made.

It is advisable that the air fryer and the add-ons need to be kept well-organized and separately in carry-on bags. As when asked to bring it out, one can do it instantly.

Frying Pan TSA Rules

  • According to the TSA official website, flyers can take frying pans and pots in carry-on bags and also in checked baggage.
  • Yet, skillets or cookware that are built of cast iron are prohibited strictly to be kept in carry-on baggage. It can be placed only in checked luggage.
  • Also, make sure to pack the fragile appliances properly or it may get damaged while flying.
  • So wrapping the air fryer with foam or bubble wrap and keeping it in a hard box or case is assumed to be a good choice.
  • The lids can also be packed separately and safely by wrapping them with bubble wrap.

Wrapping Up:

Hence, travelers can take an air fryer on a plane in both carry-on and checked baggage, in addition to following the regulations stated by TSA and the flight booked airline. Yet, cookware to be carried must not be of cast iron or it will not be permitted to be brought in carry-on baggage. It is essential to follow and obey the stated TSA rules and regulations for a trouble-free flight experience.

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