Can You Bring a Blender on a Plane

Can you bring a blender bottle on a flight? Can you bring a carry-on blender on a plane?

These questions are quite obvious for a smoothie lover when flying on a vacation. It will be a smart move if initially, one gathers the details required, being aware, and thereby proceeds further with the flight trip.

TSA Rules

It might be quite challenging when it comes to taking a blender on a flight but is not unfeasible.

Flyers can bring blenders on planes but, to have a stress-free journey it is essential that one has a thorough idea of the TSA and airport rules and regulations on bringing blenders on flights. For this, now, we shall look deep into it.

TSA Guidelines on Bringing a Blender on a Plane

Can you bring a portable blender on a plane??

TSA mainly governs the items that can be taken on a plane while flying.

Blenders are categorized as electronic appliances, which may be injurious to the flyers and crew board as stated by TSA. Moreover, blenders consist of sharp blades. The guidelines in regard to blenders by TSA are:

  • One can bring a blender both in carry-on or checked baggage on the flight.
  • Blenders with fixed or immovable blades are not allowed to be carried in carry-on baggage.
  • Ensure the blender is free of liquid residue or food and empty. It means the blender needs to be cleaned carefully before placing it in carry-on luggage.
  • Blenders that wield lithium-ion batteries must ensure that batteries are removed from the blender and then packed separately in a carry-on bag. 
  • TSA does not permit batteries in checked luggage since it might give rise to fire threats.

Can you bring a blender in a Carry-on Bag?

Yes, for sure. Passengers can bring a blender on a plane in carry-on baggage till it obeys the regulations stated by TSA. Also, keep note if there are any additional rules on bringing a blender on a flight by the airline that you are booking the trip.

The blades of the blender must be of a removable type such that they can be removed and kept separately in checked baggage. If the blades are not removable then it’s not permitted to be carried in a carry-on bag.

Can I Bring a Blender on a Plane in Checked Baggage?

Passengers can carry a blender in checked baggage. So in order to escape from damage throughout the flight trip, make sure the blender has been securely packed. Thereby, blenders need to be kept in a durable and good-quality container.

To carry a blender in hand baggage, you must remove the blades and place them separately in the checked luggage.

How do I Pack a Blender for Air Travel

Flyers must consider a few points while taking a blender on the plane.

  • The blender must be clear and empty of any liquid or food residue.
  • To take a blender in carry-on baggage, and the blades are removable, then it must be taken out and placed in the checked luggage separately. The blades are prohibited to be carried as a carry-on because they are sharp items.
  • Pack the blender in a well-built container so as to protect it from any damage while flying.
  • If the blender is packed in a checked luggage then one can label it as “fragile items inside”.

Bottom Lines:

That’s all on whether one can bring a blender on the plane. It is important to be conscious of the rules and regulations by TSA, that states blenders can be taken both as carry-on and checked baggage with certain limitations.

Make sure to go through the airline’s rules and how to pack a blender firmly.

Hope by now it’s been clear to you on can I take a blender on a plane in a carry-on bag or checked bag and thus you can easily bring it on a plane and enjoy making smoothies during the vacations.

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