Top 7 Best Airlines to Fly to Guatemala

Want to know about the best airlines flying to Guatemala? Here it is. This guide is just made for you and includes the best airlines from Mexico, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Colombia, and Panama that fly to Guatemala.

Guatemala is one of the most well-known nations in Central America, a stunning place to spend your vacation. It has a vibrant history, lovely landscapes, impressive food, and friendly people that make it a number one choice to visit.

So if you are looking for planes relying on flight fare and carrier to Guatemala, then simply go through this blog to find the best-suited airlines for you.

Listed below are the top 7 best airlines to fly to Guatemala


The top place is taken by Volaris which is certainly the best Mexican airline to fly to the destination place i.e. Guatemala. It aims to deliver the best services possible at a low-cost fare. It enables access to the features such as comfortable seats, and in-flight amusement options and gains a pleasant traveling experience with cheap flight tickets.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is another airline that has attained the position to be the best airline when flying to Guatemala. It is a U.S.-established ultra-low fare flight that makes every possible means for passengers to experience an efficient trip. It is most preferable for the ones who are looking for a budget-friendly trip to Guatemala. They have a flyer-first culture and state services and the safety of the passengers is their main priority.


Avianca, a Colombia-based Bogota airline is one of the oldest, low cost and reliable choices for planes to fly in and out of America. It delivers access to amenities such as seats to lie for comfort, rewards features that can be used to wield benefits, in-flight entertainment, food, drinks, etc. The firm states to present competitive fares on flight tickets, a bunch of flyer choices, and to add the most promising service.

Avianca flight over the world also includes the United States,  Europe, and the Caribbean.

American Airlines

American Airlines is one of the world’s largest airlines in terms of fleet size. It provides luxurious first-class seats, in-flight entertainment, and food. It offers complimentary snacks etc and with satisfied services.

Copa Airlines

The next is Copa Airlines, the flagship airline of Panama. Copa Airline states itself to be the most on-time Latin American airline. It delivers in-flight entertainment, food, and drinks on extended treks. Moreover, the frequent-flyer program enables the airline to be more convenient to fly to Guatemala. With Copa Airlines one can fly to Chicago, Denver, Puerto Rico, Canada, Boston, Argentina, and Mexico.

Air Canada

Air Canada takes the next place as the best airline to fly to Guatemala. It comes up with excellent in-flight service. One can make their own preference on Air Canada’s Class, Economy, and Premium Economy Class, etc.

Air Canada delivers numerous in-flight entertainment and meal options along with luxury services. So if you desire to fly in ultimate class as well as comfort then Air Canada is the best of all.

British Airways

British Airways is another one on the best airlines list. The airline aims to deliver world-class services to its flyers.

One can choose the desired class from business, first class, premium economy, and economy along with access to amazing services and stellar in-flight meals, in-flight entertainment, etc.

Hence, we hope this blog has helped to attain an idea for you to choose the best airline to fly to Guatemala and get the satisfactory experience desired and enjoy the trip to Guatemala.

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