How to add TSA Precheck to Turkish Airlines

Do you want to save time at the airport when one needs to go through security screening? Then adding TSA Precheck will surely help you in doing so.

Many of us are unaware of the TSA Pre Checks feature that saves time for passengers at the airport. It is a profitable feature offered by Turkish Airlines with TSA.

TSA Precheck is a VIP or authorized passenger’s line that allows travelers to go through the security check and clear it within 5 minutes.

This impressive concept leads to delivering more comfort to the passengers.

On adding TSA Precheck to the flight tickets, passengers are not required to remove shoes, light jackets, or belts. Moreover, security check-ins will get more comfortable and easier.

Get into the below details to learn more on add TSA Precheck to Turkish Airlines and get the advantages avail on it.

How do I add my TSA Precheck to Turkish Airlines

TSA Precheck is an element that is functional for the citizens of the U.S. It scrutinizes the background of an individual to recognize if any threat or trouble is concerned permitting a lighten-up screening. If the profile account qualifies the criteria on safety, then it is delivered with TSA membership. The membership can be wielded to cut short the time spent standing in a queue.

TSA Precheck functions as a trustworthy flyers model. Travelers are able to join its membership, and the number can be further employed for the premium advantages upon a quick screening as well as a boarding process.

But there are certain eligibility criteria that one must need to be aware of in order to attain membership and utilize the Precheck feature. Let’s look into it in detail below.

Eligibility Criteria for TSA

The Homeland Security Department is an organization in the United States that scrutinizes and authorizes a person under the category of a trusted passenger.

Citizens of the U.S. can appeal for this and once qualified, they can wield the number of TSA memberships for a distinct interval of time.

Process of Application for Turkish Airlines TSA Precheck

The steps one needs to follow for adding TSA  Precheck to Turkish Airlines are:

  • First, go to the official website of the TSA and fill up the application form on it.
  • Once it is done, an offline appointment is needed for 10 minutes for checking the background and fingerprint.
  • On completion, the Known Traveler Number or KTN will be sent to you that can be employed for the flights and airlines that have the TSA trait.


  • The cost of the application form for TSA membership and its process is $78. The validity of this membership is for five years. After which, one must renew the membership to attain its advantages.
  • Flyers to employ the membership number for Turkish Airlines TSA Precheck needs to enter the KTN on the flight booking. One can reach out to the airline agent or can even visit the official portal and add the membership number so as to easily attain the security check and save time.
  • Also, make sure to check if Turkish Airlines accepts the KTN number for current flight booking. It will appear on the boarding pass. Ensure to take a printout of the pass along with the logo of TSA  imprinted on it.

Final Say:

The TSA security Precheck feature accepted by Turkish Airlines delivers a record of trusted travelers to the airlines, which can be used for a relaxed security screening procedure for the flyers and thus making the flying experience convenient and more hassle-free.

Hope, now you have attained a clear scenario on the TSA Precheck Turkish Airlines feature and how to add it to attain its benefits.

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