Can You Bring Vaseline On A Plane

Making plans for a vacation trip brings eagerness. But the main hassle one faces is packing of items in baggage (especially personal products) as to the regulations set by the TSA. The common queries seen among flyers is ‘Can you bring Vaseline lotion on a plane?

So this article is brought to you to guide you with the rules and regulations for carrying Vaseline in your luggage while flying. Make sure to have a complete peek over this guide.

TSA Regulations: Is Vaseline Allowed on Board?

There is no specific mention by TSA of bringing Vaseline on a plane but it has certain guidelines on how to pack it. So it is clear that passengers can bring Vaseline on a plane but there are points that one needs to follow while carrying it in a bag while flying.

  • On bringing Vaseline in hand baggage, one must follow the liquid limit set by the TSA.
  • The guidelines by TSA on liquid, gel, and toiletries products state as flyers can take them in containers of a maximum of 3.4 ounces (100 ml) or less (per item).
  • The products are required to be kept in an apparent, quart-sized plastic bag that could be packed easily in the hand baggage.
  • At the airport security checkpoint, one must take the bag out and present the quart-sized bag to the in-charge TSA agent at the time of inspection.
  • Containers of sizes more than 3.4 ounces (100ml) are required to be kept in the checked luggage.

Can I Bring Vaseline in Hand Luggage on a Plane?

  • Yes. Flyers can take Vaseline on a plane in their hand baggage by complying with the liquid limit rule of 3-1-1 and are even applicable for other personal items such as lotion, shampoo, etc.
  • One must store Vaseline in containers not exceeding 3.4 ounces (100 ml) of total capacity.
  • It is to be sealed in a clear quart-sized bag that can be fitted easily in hand baggage.
  • The bag must be shown to the TSA officer at the airport security checkpoint, for inspection.

Note: In case the TSA in charge seems to be in doubt about the product, it might get confiscated to be carried on a plane.

Can I Bring Vaseline on a Plane under Medically Prescribed?

Passengers, if required to carry Vaseline on a plane under medically prescribed reasons, are allowed to be brought in the carry-on baggage, although when they surpass the liquid limit i.e. 3.4-ounce. Yet, one must go through certain approaches to make sure the products are permitted to board.

Flyers need to inform about the medically prescribed products in their carry-on luggage at the airport security screening checkpoint to the TSA agent.

Also, carry a note prescribed for you by the doctor about the reasons on medical grounds.

One can also carry Vaseline in checked baggage when larger in quantity.

Can I take  Vaseline in Checked Luggage on a Plane?

  • Passengers taking a Vaseline container or bottle of size greater than 3.4 ounces (100 ml), then it is needed to be packed in the checked luggage.
  • While packing the toiletries items in a checked bag, ensure to keep them in a leak-proof box and also wrap them in a plastic pouch to prevent spills.

Vaseline packing advice: follow TSA guidelines

When packing toiletries items may certainly seem quite challenging, particularly when one is making an effort to fit the products in carry-on baggage.

Below mentioned are some of the points that one can wield to pack Vaseline in the bag on a flight.

  • Utilize a travel-sized box or container that ensures space saving and also meets the guidelines stated by TSA.
  • Take products that can be used as multi-purposes.
  • Employ packing cubes, keep toiletries organized, and also separate from clothing.
  • Packing toiletries conveniently in carry-on baggage, be assured to keep it in a place where it can be easily accessible to present before the TSA officer at the security screening checkpoint for inspection and thus avoiding delays.

Penning Down:

While flying with toiletries products one may get confused about whether one can bring vaseline on a plane. The reply is just a Yes. One can surely take Vaseline in carry-on luggage, but by following the liquid limit rule set by TSA. When the quantity is more, one can bring it in checked luggage.

For bringing Vaseline on a plane under medical grounds, one must go through particular processes for ensuring it is permitted on board.

Thus, by thoroughly following the regulations and guidelines and also by packing it carefully and securely one can certainly make sure to have experienced an enjoyable flight trip.

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