How to book Wheelchair Assistance in United Airlines

Traveling seems quite stressful especially for the flyers with disabilities or when needed for any of your known co-passenger. For people using wheelchairs, at the airport or on boarding planes is a sort of challenging experience.

The main concern that comes across is where and how I add wheelchair assistance to United Airlines. Looking into this, we have illustrated a thorough guide on adding wheelchair assistance with United Airlines. So make sure you read it till the end of this page.

United Airlines Wheelchair Assistance Services

United Airlines delivers a wide field of wheelchair assistance features, ensuring travellers regardless of physical capacities to experience comfortable and delightful travel.

Yet, before one makes a request for adding wheelchair assistance, it is crucial to first figure out the services offered by the airline.

The wheelchair type supplied by the airline will rely on flyers’ typical needs. A number of choices are offered by the airline that ensures passengers a comfortable flight trip.

United Airlines Wheelchair Assistance : Manual:

This wheelchair is delivered for passengers having hardships walking over long routes or while climbing stairs. These types of wheelchairs are developed to be light in weight and can be handled effortlessly, making them ideal to navigate through rushed airports. Skilled personnel are provided by the airline to aid passengers to use manual wheelchairs.

Electric Wheelchair Assistance United Airlines:

This kind of wheelchair assistance is delivered to travelers that need additional assistance and support. These chairs are developed to be safe and comfortable that include features like adjustable seats, armrests as well as footrests.

Skilled personnel are obtainable for assisting flyers when employing the electric wheelchair at the same time charging the battery when needed.

United Airlines Boarding & Deplaning Wheelchair Assistance:

Aid is delivered by the airline to the flyers having issues moving at the time of flight boarding and during deplaning.

Flyers who need assistance in wheelchairs are normally asked to board the plane first. It enables them to comfortably take a seat before boarding the rest of the passengers.

Upon arriving at the destined location, skilled personnel of the airline will get back the wheelchair and will be assisting the flyer in deplaning. They will escort passengers through the airport for collecting the medical equipment and baggage.

Supplementary Considerations:

The wheelchair assistance features are functional on all planes even comprising international flights. This service does not cost any charges and passengers do not need to furnish medical certification at the time of making a request for this service.

Eligibility for United Airlines Wheelchair Assistance:

The assistance services are offered only when one has issues with mobility. Issues such as having difficulties walking long distances, standing for expanded durations, or climbing stairs. Airlines offer assistance to flyers with hearing or visual impairments. Travelers who need oxygen during flight may request wheelchair assistance.

How to attain United Airlines Wheelchair Assistance:

A number of options are offered by the airlines that one can use to request wheelchair assistance. The methods retained for saying through its website, at the airport, through email, mobile app, and over the phone.

We shall now explore these methods in detail.

How do I book Wheelchair Assistance United Airlines via Website?

Here it is on how to book wheelchair assistance for the upcoming flight in a few easy steps:

  • Go to the official website of United Airlines and tap on the ‘My trips’ section.
  • Fill in the details of the booking and hit on the ‘Find’ option.
  • In the next step, click the ‘Edit’ option which is next to the name of the passenger for whom the wheelchair assistance is required.
  • Next, click on ‘Special assistance’ and then select the option on ‘Wheelchair service’.
  • Now, they will prompt to fill in the specific requirements of the passenger like whether there is a need for an electric or manual wheelchair and if there are any extra comments or notes.
  • Finally, hit the button on ‘Continue’ and then review the request made before the submission.

How do I request Wheelchair Assistance On United Airlines through the App:

The steps to book wheelchair assistance through the mobile app are as follows:

  1. Open the official United Airlines app on your device and tap on the ‘My trips’ section.
  2. Choose the booking of the passenger on which you need to make a request for wheelchair assistance.
  3. Hit the option on ‘Add special assistance’.
  4. Select ‘Wheelchair service’ and then type in the specific requirement of the passenger like if needed an electric or a manual wheelchair or any extra notes.
  5. Finally, review the request and then click on the ‘Submit’ button.

How to book Wheelchair Assistance On United Airlines via Email

One can even request wheelchair assistance through an email by sending it to the airline’s customer support team.  Here’s it is how:

  • Compose an email to the United Airlines customer support team and send it to
  • Make sure to include the details of the booking and also specify the requirement for wheelchair assistance.
  • Furnish details on the required wheelchair type whether an electric or manual wheelchair and other specific prerequisites if there are any.
  • Review the composed email and then send it to the concerned address.

How to get Wheelchair Assistance in United Airlines over the Phone

Flyers can even make a request for wheelchair assistance over the phone. The steps required to follow are:

  1. Dial United Airlines customer service at the official number.
  2. On prompted, choose the special assistance option.
  3. State the requirement for wheelchair assistance and furnish information on the wheelchair type etc.
  4. The customer support agent will review the request when confirming and then they will bring in the essential understandings.

How to request Wheelchair Assistance in United Airlines At the Airport:

To book wheelchair assistance directly at the airport, if not done in advance, here is what you need to do:

  • Go to the check-in desk, at the time of arriving at the airport.
  • Talk to the customer representative requesting to get wheelchair assistance.
  • Further trained personnel will be arranged by the airline team to provide assistance with the wheelchair, which also includes boarding, deplaning, and navigating at the airport.

Things to be Expected at United Airlines Airport Wheelchair Assistance

Once the request on wheelchair assistance has been made, passengers can now count on the following things at the airport:

  1. The United Airlines customer service agent will meet at the airport check-in desk and will deliver assistance while navigating the airport comprising security screening checkpoints and boarding gates.
  2. On request for pre-boarding wheelchair assistance, the concerned passenger will be permitted to board the plane before the rest of the passengers which ensures to deliver enough time for getting settled at the seat.
  3. Need assistance on the flight, the trained crew will be glad to help.

United Airlines Wheelchair Assistance Tips for Smooth Experience

In order to have a smooth experience with wheelchair assistance, one needs to keep some tips in mind:

  1. Furnish information in detail:

    While making request for a wheelchair assistance, ensure to deliver information in detail on mobility requirements and other needs if the passenger has any.

  2. Arrive early:

    To get much time for wheelchair assistance, it is crucial to arrive early at the airport.

  3. Communicate with the wheelchair assistance support team:

    On having any concerns or issues, talk to the wheelchair assistance service team without any hesitation.

  4. Pack the vital items in carry-on baggage:

    One must pack the essential items, like mobility aids, medication etc in the carry-on baggage for ensuring that the item is near to the passenger all the time.

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