Cheapest Airline To Fly With

Many of us love to travel as it delivers immense pleasure and happiness through discovery of new places, meeting new people and so on. Yet while planning, the costly airlines and its flight tickets seems to create hindrance amidst searching for happiness for vacation.

So looking into these we have brought to you on ‘What is the cheapest airline to fly’. Go through the illustrated list before proceeding to book for your coming holidays.

Which airline is the cheapest to fly

Before one moves ahead to the cheapest airline to fly, you need to learn the factors which must be considered at the hour of finding the cheapest airline to fly first.

  • Service Nature
  • Security Service
  • Survey of traveler
  • Terms and policies.
  • Cost
  • Routes encircled.

Following are some of the cheapest airlines to fly on

Air Asia:

  • Air Asia’s headquarters lies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • It has put up with the benchmark on affordable flying stated as low-cost travel in Asia in 2007 by New York Times.
  • It includes 165 destinations stretching about 25 countries.
  • It won the title of World Travel Awards Asia and Oceania for Asia’s low-cost airlines for continuous seven years.

Easy Jet:

  • Easy Jet is a low-cost European airline with a network that expands over 156 airports around 33 countries.
  • Easy Jet is popularly known as a leading airline for its mission to travel cheap and easy.
  • They propose to enhance customer loyalty and accessibility and also won the title of ‘Best Low-cost Airline Award’ in 2018 under  Business Travel Awards.


  • Indigo (InterGlobe Aviation Limited) is known as the largest airline in India when it comes to passenger number and size of the fleet.
  • It aims to deliver low fares, on-time flights, and delivering courteous and easy service.
  • It achieved the title of ‘Best Low-cost Airline’ in India (Central Asia) for the 10th moment in the year 2019 by the Awards from Skytrax.

Delta Airlines:

  • Delta Airlines is a prominent air operator over the globe.
  • It offers accessibly priced airfares in order to travel to several destinations in and out of the United States.
  • It is also regarded as the cheapest airline to fly in the U.S.
  • To speak on its average traveling cost, one may require to spend about 1.3 cents/mile on the SkyMiles program with Delta Airlines, and thereby it is known as one of the cheapest airlines to fly with passengers.
  • To learn what is the cheapest day to fly Delta Air, one can reach out to Delta Airlines executives.

Frontier Airlines:

  • Frontier Airlines headquarters lies in Denver, Colorado traveling over more than 80 places both International and domestic.
  • Their average traveling cost is estimated to be 22.5 cents/mile.
  • Known to be a pocket-friendly airline and also as the cheapest airline to fly business flights, including great passenger services on flights.

Spirit Airlines:

  • Spirit Airlines has its base in Florida.
  • Known to be a budget-friendly airline it never seems to compromise with its services and one can take pleasure in delicious beverages, food items, etc by simply spending a small amount.
  • The average cost is found to be 20.9 cents per mile.
  • Get in touch with the team executives to learn what are the cheapest days to the desired destination.

Hawaiian Airlines:

  • Hawaiian is an enormous airline in Hawaii that provides services to the United States mainland and to international destinations.
  • The significance of selecting this airline is it never imposes an extra burden on flyers’ pockets and is the cheapest airline to fly to Hawaii.
  • The average traveling cost on this airline is shown to be 25.7 cents per mile.

Sun Country Airlines:

  • Sun Country Airlines has its headquarters in Minnesota, providing destinations to the United States and also to the Caribbean, Costa Rica, and Mexico.
  • The average travelling cost per mile is 32.2 cents and rounds up to be top 5 affordable airlines in U.S and can get in touch with the customer service team to have idea on cheapest days to fly.

Allegiant Air:

  • Allegiant Air headquarters is in Las Vegas and is the cheapest airline to fly to Las Vegas.
  • It also employed Airbus namely: A319 and A320 jets.
  • The present study showed the average cost per mile to be 32.2 cents.

Alaska Airlines:

  • Headquartered in Seattle, Airlines Alaska is famous for administering some considerable time sales. 
  • One can simply visit its website or get in touch with the airlines to know about Alaska airline’s cheapest days to fly.
  • Here the airline cost 33.8 cents/mile on average.

JetBlue Airways:

  • If you wish to enjoy the munchies at the hour of flying yet do not want to pay supplementary, JetBlue delivers free drinks and snacks.
  • JetBlue headquarters lies in New York City, and flies to more than 90 destinations, and has also received awards for customer service.
  • The average price shown is 40.2 cents/mile.

American Airlines:

  • The headquarters lies in Fort Worth, Texas and it is regarded to be the world’s enormous airline in various categories which also including passengers, fleet size, and the number of destinations it is serving.
  • In American Airlines, flyers usually require a low baggage fee when compared to other committed budget-friendly airlines.
  • The average traveling cost per mile is found to be 41.8 cents in this present study.
  • To have an idea of American Airlines’ cheapest day, passengers can visit the official website or can contact the airline representative to get the cheapest days to fly American Airlines.

United Airlines:

  • United Airlines has its headquarters in Chicago.
  • This airline extends a varied range of domestic flights and has its destinations to over 48 countries.
  • It shows around 45.1 cents/ mile as its average travel cost.
  • Go through its official website on a regular basis or reach out to the executives in order to learn on cheapest days to fly United Airlines.

Southwest Airlines:

  • Southwest Airlines offers a low-fare calendar to find the preferred deals for their flyers.
  • Southwest verges on ranking well positions when it comes to the overall satisfaction of their customer among all the airlines.
  • Flyers can contact the agent of Southwest Airlines to know what is the cheapest day to fly.

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