Can You Text On A Plane

Mobile has become an inevitable aspect of everyone’s lives. It is not only used for work but it is used every time from morning till the end of the day. It is a cohort for surfing social media, WhatsApp chats, etc, and is also used to solve many purposes of sending files and many more.

Yet, the use of mobile needs to be minimized while traveling on a flight. As there are certain guidelines set by the concerned authorities for the safety of the people onboard.

Thereby if there is a flight trip on a family tour or for business meetings then there might be a pause in connection with the business colleagues or partners for a while or unable to remain connected with family members when heading for a vacation on air travel.

Can you text on a plane with iPhone? Why can’t you text on a plane? Are these questions making you more concerned? Read this article till the end to get all your queries solved.

Can you text while on a plane?

  • The answer is straightly a ‘Yes’. But it is permitted to text only by wielding the in-flight Wi-Fi and not by the mobile’s cellular data. The authorities instruct to keep the mobile in flight mode when one gets set on the plane.
  • So, one can easily use the Wi-Fi if delivered by the service provider. It will even allow one to receive text messages from others.
  • While travelers can wield their own mobile cellular data to text till the flight takes off or at the time of landing at the destination airport.

Can you text someone on a plane: FCC

According to Federal Communications Commission i.e. FCC, passengers can text on a flight by wielding the in-flight Wi-Fi only and not the cellular data.

This is because as per concern by FCC, cellular transmissions may create conflicts with the pilot radios on a flight in motion. Moreover, according to the FAA, employing mobile cellular data on a plane might create a disturbance in-flight navigation and communication systems. Even though electrical devices are present in airlines to protect against these kinds of interferences, the systems deteriorate as time passes because of regular usage.

Reasonably, to date, no distinct proof has been found indicating the impact of using mobile on a plane. Yet, the authorities advise us to obey some guidelines and dwell on the safe side.

Can you text on a plane with Wi-fi?

Some of airlines permit passengers to connect with the Wi-Fi without any charge, whereas some may charge for it. Passengers can check if the specific aircraft provides Wi-Fi service on a flight or not along with it if it’s chargeable or cost-free.

Once the Wi-Fi connection gets established on the plane, a set of guidelines will be sent to you to proceed further and employ the text feature on the phone.

Airlines Wi-Fi Feature:

JetBlue Airlines, Norwegian Air, Nok Air, Qantas Airlines, and some other airlines deliver free Wi-Fi and text services. Free text service through messaging applications is supplied by the airlines namely Delta, Alaska, and Southwest, some amount of fee may be charged for the Wi-fi connection. When flying with American Airlines or United Airlines one may require to purchase the in-flight Internet feature to wield the text message services. Whereas certain airlines such as Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, etc do not offer Internet services.

Wrapping Up: Can you send text messages on a plane:

The core of this article is that one can text when on the plane but only via Wi-Fi connection if offered on an airplane by the concerned airline with which the booking has been made. One can check it before booking whether the service is available or not. It may also be chargeable. Once all get set, passengers are required to install the app related to it on the mobile in order to employ the text feature.

It is advised to get in touch with the airline’s customer service team to learn more in detail about the availability of Internet onboard.

Hope you have an enjoyable and safe flight trip.

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