Can You Bring Knives On A Plane

Are you thinking of the question: Can you bring cooking knives on a plane on your next flight?

In today’s interconnected world, traveling on a plane seems to be taking a crucial role in one’s life. Nevertheless, for the concerns about one’s safety and security, it has become essential to be aware of the guidelines and regulations regarding carrying knives on a plane set by the TSA and also the airlines.

This blog aims to deliver the readers guidance to make sure for a hassle-free and smooth flying experience.

TSA Rules: About Can You Bring Knives On A Plane

TSA governs the security body at United States Airports. They set strict rules in order to retain safety and avoid potential threats during air travel. According to TSA rules, flyers are not permitted to bring knives (sharp objects) in carry-on bags. Knives are to be placed only in checked baggage. Blades of size more than 2.36 inches (i.e. 6 cm) are strictly forbidden to be carried on board.

Can You Bring Knives on a Plane in Carry-On Luggage?

Are Knives Allowed in Carry-On Baggage on Aircraft?

Generally, TSA restricts flyers to carry knives in carry-on baggage. It retains utility knives, pocket knives, or any blade which inflates a certain size.

Some exceptions also prevail such as:

  • Non-locking types of knives might get permission to be carried in carry-on baggage.
  • Also, note that the ultimate decision lies on the TSA officers to determine whether the product is permitted through screening.

Is it permissible to bring knives on a plane in checked luggage?

TSA permits passengers to bring knives in checked baggage with certain limitations.

Generally, non-locking foldable knives, fixed-blade knives, and other blade items are permitted in the checked luggage.

  • The blades must be sheathed adequately or wrapped securely to avoid damage or harm to the handlers of the baggage as well as to the TSA officers.
  • Knives in checked bags that are wielded in the kitchen and other pointed products need to be wrapped securely or must be placed in the knife case to avoid injuries at the time of handling the baggage.
  • Butterfly, switchblade knives, or other disguised or concealed knives are restricted strictly, regardless they are checked or in carry-on baggage.

Can you bring kitchen knives on a plane Internationally

While flying on an international flight, passengers are permitted to bring a knife in checked baggage. Yet, it is essential to give priority to the safety of the ones handling the baggage and the inspectors as well.

One must ensure to wrap securely or sheathe appropriately the pointed items before packing. So it is vital for flyers to adhere to the regulations for maintaining secure flight travel for the travelers and staff if planning to carry a knife on a plane.

Can you bring chef knives on a plane?

Typically, chef knives are not permitted in carry-on baggage on a plane in the U.S. and several other nations. The guidelines are set in terms of security purposes to avoid potential threats while on board.

  • Pack chef knives in checked luggage.
  • Make sure to secure it properly to avoid damage to the luggage and harm to the handlers of the bags.
  • One can securely cover the knives in clothes or can wield a protective knife case.

Prohibited Knives: Can You Carry Knives On Plane

Following are some of the knives types that are strictly restricted to be carried in carry-on bags or checked baggage:

  • Pouch Knives with Lock Blades
  • Switch-blades and Automatic Knives
  • Butterfly Knives
  • Disguised and Concealed Knives
  • Multi-Tools with Blades: (Prohibited in carry-on)
  • Throwing Knives & Stars:
  • Stilettos & Daggers

How Do You Pack A Knife In Your Checked Baggage?

Traveling with knives can be a tricky situation, primarily when you are flying. Knives are prohibited items in carry-on bags, but you can take them in checked bags with utmost care and compliance with airline laws.

  • Be informed of the airline’s laws regarding loading sharp things in checked bags.
  • Choose a sturdy, lockable case to house the knives during the flight. Hard-shell boxes or blade guards specially made for knife transport are recommended.
  • You can also wrap them with towels or clothes providing additional cushion and avoiding harming others.
  • In order to avoid any potential scratching, wrap each knife separately utilizing bubble wrap, packing paper, or cloth.
  • For additional layering, place each wrapped knife into a foam insert o sheath that fits snugly around the blade, preventing any risk.
  • It assures compliance with specific rules concerned with the length of the knife and the type permitted in checked bags.

Can I Bring Knives On A Plane: Other Countries’ Regulations

The rules on bringing knives on a plane can significantly differ from one nation to another. It is crucial to review the distinct regulations of each country on bringing knives on flights as each nation’s airline authority has its own guidelines.

Some of the considerations are:

European Union Countries:

Typically, EU nations follow the regulations and rules set by European Aviation Safety Agency.  They permit non-locking folding knives along with blades under a certain length in carry-on bags. Yet, individual nations might possess their own limitations, so it is recommended to review the rules with each nation’s aviation authority.


Australian airline authorities set strict rules and prohibit all types of knives to be carried in carry-on baggage. In general, knives are permitted in checked luggage, but there may be certain safety rules and lengths which is to be considered.

United Kingdom (UK):

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of the UK, sets similar regulations as that of the EU. Short non-locking folding knives along with blades of specific size are permitted in carry-on bags. Whereas other knife types are typically restricted.


It follows regulations similar to the US TSA rules. Tiny non-locking folding knives along with blades of specific size are authorised in carry-on bags. Whereas other knife types are typically restricted.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) of UAE has guidelines analogous to that of other nations. Short non-locking folding knives along with blades of specific size are permitted in carry-on baggage. Whereas other knife types are typically restricted.


Japan retains strict guidelines regarding carrying knives on a plane. All types of knives are restricted in carry-on baggage. But it might allow knives to be packed securely in checked luggage in compliance with the distinct safety prerequisites.

Bottom Lines:

Packing knives in checked bags for flight travel mandates thorough consideration to yield with airline restrictions and guarantee safety. Always check the specific policies of the airline you are gliding with, and instill in a secure, lockable case that can defend your blades during transit. Make sure to comply and remain updated with the guidelines set by the concerned authorities for a hassle-free flight journey.

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