Can You Bring a Nintendo Switch on a Plane (TSA guidelines)

Are you looking to carry your electronic or gaming accessories with you on the plane? Worried if you can bring Nintendo Switch on a flight? Well, you just halted at the right page. All the information on flying with a Nintendo Switch has been illustrated below. As it is a delicate product there are some regulations that need to be followed while transporting.

Can You Pass Through TSA with a Nintendo Switch?

TSA holds the airport security; they look upon the safety of the flyers and the plane by screening passengers’ baggage, making sure; items that may cause harm are denied boarding the flight.

Can I Bring a Nintendo Switch in a Carry-On Bag on a Plane?

Yes, of course. One can take the Nintendo Switch lite or Nintendo Switch in the carry-on bag without any limitation.

In case you do not need to wield the Nintendo at the time of flying and wish to bring it in the carry-on baggage must ensure that Nintendo is secure and also the cables are properly wrapped.

Can I Check My Nintendo Switch Luggage on a Plane?

  • Yes, TSA allows passengers to take a Nintendo Switch in checked baggage with no limitations. 
  • Although packing electronics in checked luggage is not advisable, it is suggested to pack the Nintendo Switch in a carry-on bag even if one doesn’t have any schedule to operate it.

How Should You Pack Your Switch For A Flight?

  • Before one head carrying Nintendo Switch to the airport, one must make sure that the device has been charged.
  • Ensure to employ a case bag with pockets such that all the switch accessories and games can be stored securely such as ButterFox Carrying Case etc.

Can a Nintendo Switch Be Used on a Plane?

Yes, flyers can use Nintendo Switch on a flight and can enjoy playing with it by keeping the Airplane Mode ‘On’.

Follow the steps below on how you can do so:

  • First press the Home key of the Nintendo Switch for one to two seconds to access the ‘Quick Settings’ option.
  • Now on the Quick Settings window, tap on  ‘Airplane Mode’.
  • Then, click the button on ‘A’ to activate (for deactivating you need to click A again).
  • In order to employ the controller, one can turn the Bluetooth ‘On’, while in air flight mode.

Can you bring the Nintendo Switch On a Plane International destination

On international flights, the regulations to take Nintendo Switch will rely upon the destination country.

  • TSA and airlines do not state strict policies on bringing Switches on a plane as it is easy for scanning, safe, and cause no harm.
  • You just need to make sure to take the switch out of the bag or can inform the respective security officer about the switch that is inside the bag.
  • So it is advised that you thoroughly go through the airport rules and regulations of the destination country airport rules.

Final Say:

‘Can you bring a Nintendo Switch on the plane?’

Hence, passengers can bring Nintendo Switch on a plane in carry-on as well as checked baggage. Agent of TSA will ask you to remove the Nintendo Switch from the bag and keep it in a particular cabin to inspect it further.

Keeping Nintendo Switch in checked baggage is not much recommended unless there is no other option or choice.

If doing so, just make sure that the switch is secured and well protected before you handle the baggage to the airline.

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