Can You Bring a Drone on a Plane

Want to carry a drone on your next flight? Then there are specific regulations that one must obey to experience safe and smooth flying. Here we present a blog on ‘Can you bring drones on a plane.’

Continue to read below to learn about flying with drones on domestic and international flights.

Can you bring drone batteries on a plane:

TSA’s Guideline: Can You Bring a Drone on a Plane

Drones are figured to be risk takers, so bringing them on the flight requires precautions and at the same time must be aware of the guidelines stated by TSA and the concerned airline.

As per the TSA and many of the airlines, it permits passengers to bring drones on planes in both carry-on and checked luggage but one must pull out the drone batteries and place them separately in a secure manner to prevent any harm. Only uninstalled lithium-ion or spare batteries are permitted to be carried in carry-on luggage.

Can you bring a drone on a plane Through Airport Security

Yes, one can bring a drone while passing through the airport security checkpoint with no trouble if one follows the respected guidelines related to it according to TSA and the airline.

Can I Pack a Drone in My Carry-On Bag for a Flight?

Yes for sure. Passengers are permitted to take drones (whether it is a small, a Dji mini, or any drone type) by most of the airlines in carry-on baggage or backpack.

But make sure to pack it securely by removing the batteries and following the regulations of TSA and the airline as well.

Can I Pack a Drone in My Checked Bag for a Flight

  • Drones are permitted as checked baggage on airplanes. Flyers can take drones on domestic as well as international flights in checked luggage on a plane. Yet, when carrying the product in checked luggage one must ensure that the drone is securely packed in a rigid box and must be in the off status before one checks in.
  • One must also ensure that spare (i.e. uninstalled) lithium metal batteries or lithium-ion batteries won’t be allowed in checked baggage as per FAA.
  • Remove the batteries from the drone and keep them in carry-on baggage.
  • It is advised that one must avoid carrying a drone in checked luggage ( as possible), the reason behind this is the hold baggage might not be properly handled by the handlers and urge to be placed in a carry-on to prevent any sort of damage.

Are Drones Allowed on International Flights?

Whilst flying internationally, travellers can bring drones practically to airlines.

Yet, certain airlines may not permit bringing drones in carry-on luggage (for saying Emirates) but the lithium battery needs to be removed.

Passengers are required to make an instant look at the destination country rules, as drones require authorization in certain countries and are also banned in some countries.

How do I Pack Drones for flying on a plane?

  • While traveling on a plane carrying a drone with the case is easy to pack as it has spaces for the drone accessories to keep it in order, one just requires to ensure that the product is within the baggage size limit.
  • If traveling without the bag case and deciding to bring the drone, then the batteries must be removed and packed in carry-on luggage and is best if the terminals of the batteries are covered with tape.
  • Carrying a durable and shockproof drone case to safeguard the drone from splashes and impacts will secure the drone from any harm during the flight.

Penning Down:

Thus, one can conclude that flyers can bring drones and related accessories in carry-on as well as checked baggage on most airlines if the product is within the permitted weight and size.

Yet, certain airlines may restrict boarding on the flight for some security reasons.

If one desires to carry it in the checked luggage then the lithium batteries need to be removed and can be carried in the carry-on baggage.

We hope you have a happy and safe flying experience with the drone on your next flight journey.

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